Rihanna’s stylist Farren Fucci says the skinny fit is officially over

Quick poll: Are you currently wearing skinny jeans or sweatpants? Your answer is most likely sweats. If you’ve been too lazy like me to finally coming around to throwing away those insanely faded black skinny jeans, the time is now. “Why?” you may ask, well because the skinny fit is OVER!

We caught up with Farren Fucci backstage at Flying Solo’s show at NYFW and got his insight as to what trends he thinks we will be seeing more of this year. Farren Fucci should sound familiar because he’s the up and coming stylist most notable for creative directing Rihanna and Bella Hadid’s Paper Magazine covers. He is also known for styling badass women like Jhene Aiko, Keke Palmer, and Kehlani, who was his seat buddy at the show. So from his credible list of ladies, this should allow us to trust his predictions for what’s actually cool and what you should not be caught dead wearing.


First things first, yes the skinny fit is in fact over. “Less skinny jeans and more of a relaxed fit. The oversized trend isn’t going away anytime soon,” says Fucci. Women like myself no longer want to dread tackling their skinny jeans after taking them out of the wash. We just want normal breathing patterns!

Flying Solo 2018 NYFW, photography by @photosbykeridolan

Along with relaxed fit jeans, we will be seeing more tracksuits and sweatpants, which shows that we are continuing to move towards the comfy fit and i’m sooo here for it! Adidas just dropped a line this season of reworked tracksuits in collaboration with designer Danielle Cathari, and you can spot Kendall Jenner rocking one in the campaign. I hope this trend stays around for a while, because I personally love living in a world where I don’t have to justify wearing sweatpants to the club.

Orange is also the color we will be seeing a lot of, specifically a bright construction worker orange. According to Fucci, “All the construction worker looks are coming in.” To be honest this trend is one i’m hesitant towards, but maybe with a bomb ass tan we can pull this look off.

Congrats Heron 😈™

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So on your next shopping trip consider Fucci’s advice because he’s all about making the women he styles feel sexy, confident, and powerful. “I always say you’re going to feel like the woman who is not gonna wait in line to get in, she’s gonna walk in to the club and everyone is going to know that she is somebody because of the way that she looks.” And with that being said next time you’re deciding between a fire oversized fit and your outdated black skinny jeans, think about how low you can get in a pair of sweats when a Rih Rih song comes on at the clurb.


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