Trump’s Right-Hand Man Is Registered to Vote in 2 States

Donald Trump’s been dubbed a sore winner because he’s been griping about illegal voters for weeks now, even after he won the electoral college vote (but not the popular vote, don’t you ever forget).

But like a shitty boyfriend who doesn’t trust you because he’s actually the one cheating, Trump has proven that his concerns about illegal voters may have stemmed from his own inner circle.

It has been discovered by The Guardian that Steve Bannon, a senior White House adviser to Trump, was registered to vote in two states. And not just any two states, New York and Florida. You know, Florida, the major swing state?

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LOL, right?

Funny how the fraudulent voters Trump has been whining about as recently as this morning seem to actually be his closest pals.


The thing is, it’s actually not illegal to be registered in two states. It’s voting in two states that’s not allowed. But Trump seems to think people being registered in two states has something to do with why he didn’t win the popular vote, and continues to harp on the debunked conspiracy theory that millions of people vote illegally in the US.

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A spokeswoman for Bannon did not immediately respond to The Guardian’s request for comment.

If Trump goes on with his investigation he’s probably going to claim that everyone registered in two states is complicit in voter fraud. Too bad one of the first people found out was one of his cronies.

Nice try, Trumpy. Better luck next time!

UPDATE: It’s also been discovered by Heat Street that Tiffany Trump is registered to vote in two states. She recently attended University of Pennsylvania, and is currently registered in Pennsylvania and New York. Awksies!

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