Watch Petty Queen Tiffany Trump Swerve to Avoid Her Dad’s Kiss

While 22-year-old girls have been known to allow the occasional public kiss on the cheek from a rich, older man who buys her things, when that sugar daddy is your actual father, sometimes you’ve got to get your swerve on — especially when he makes you seem like the less important daughter on national television.

During last night’s debate, Donald Trump made his daughter Tiffany sit in the same row as three Bill Clinton rape accusers and a handful of Trump’s in-laws, instead of letting her sit with Ivanka and the rest of Trump’s top tier offspring in a very fancy box at the front of the debate.


After the debate, when it was time for Trump to share a loving moment with daughter for the cameras, Tiffany decided that she’d rather skip the PDA and give her Dad a taste of his own medicine instead.

When Trump leaned in for a kiss on the cheek, Tiffany leaned away from him and took a moment to smile at somebody else, before turning back to her father and giving him a supportive arm rub.

Savage, Tiff.

That’ll teach your Dad to make you sit in Siberia.

And people wonder why Tiffany Trump is the only one of Donald’s spawn that everybody doesn’t seem to hate.

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