Tanyka Renee is roaming the entire world, all while securing the bag

So you want to travel the world?

Well, you’re not the only one. That’s not to say you aren’t special, but it’s human nature to want to abandon your everyday surroundings in pursuit of the unknown. We’ve all undoubtedly thought about roaming the world at one point or another: in fact, this untimely Nor’easter has me feeling like leaving New York may literally solve all of my problems.

But there’s dreaming and then there’s doing. Of course, it’s not always this easy. But professional Instagram travel blogger Tanyka Renee abandoned her 9 to 5 in search of just that. What she found? More than she ever bargained for.

The entrepreneur should and could really write the guide book and how to “see every country in the world and secure the bag at the same time.”

Photo: Stefan Charles

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We asked Tanyka how she got started traveling, what some of her top must-see destinations are and of course, how the F we’d even go about emulating her enviable lifestyle.

Where is home base for you? 

I’m a world citizen but my mailing address is in Brooklyn, NY.

What is your favorite place you’ve been so far? 

My favorite place is Bali, Indonesia. I would say that it’s my favorite place because of the energy and the people; it doesn’t cost a lot to live there. To live like a queen, I was only spending about $10 dollars a day.

Last year, I flew there alone and stayed in this cute yoga resort. I was so relaxed that I swear I didn’t even leave my hotel the whole week I was there. Just slept good and ate better; true relaxation.

But to be honest, I fall in love with every location that I travel to for many different reasons. I go to Paris for inspiration, Jamaica for the food, Italy for the shopping, Nigeria in Dec for the parties, India for the spirituality, meditation and prayer, Colombia for the music and Vancouver for snowboarding.

Warmer or colder climates?

I’m an island girl so I prefer warmer climates where I can be as naked as possible.

Where are your top three must-see travel recommendations for people to go this year? 

1: Roatán, Honduras
It’s not expensive and you can find reasonable flights. Spirit flies there if you’re about that life. You have beaches and night life. You have lots of excursions like swimming with Jaguars; the people are nice; it hasn’t been over saturation with tourism. Hotels are not expensive at all. The food and music are amazing.

2: Montego Bay, Jamaica
Jamaica is a vibe. You have to go try some jerk chicken, catch a whine at a bar and try some of the good marijuana. There’s no place in the world like Jamaica. There is a reason why reggae music is played all over world: Jamaica is all about happiness and positive vibrations.

3: South of France
If you have the coin, make sure you check out South of France. This includes St. Tropez, Cannes, Antibes, and Nice. You are also a train ride from Monaco. You might bump into some celebs at a day party at Bagatelle or Nikki beach. I’ve seen the most Champagne bottles popped in my life at the Billionaires Club in Monte-Carlo.

How would you describe your job to somebody who asks? 

I get paid to travel the world and create. I create content and do location scouting for tourism boards, influencers, brands and anyone else looking for a dope aesthetics. I also use social media to express myself by allowing you to visually travel with me.

And I’ve been blessed to use my personal social platforms for advertisement. I’ve always been about my coins and doing iconic ish. 1,000 years ago our ancestors couldn’t just jump on a plane and see other cultures. I’m determined to see every country in the world and secure the bag at the same time. I’m basically creating my own lane doing what I love.

How do you manage to balance business and pleasure? 

My business is my pleasure. Traveling makes me happy. If you’re talking about my love life, (whew Chile!). I can admit I am an independent woman who in the past has put my career before relationships. I just believe the more secure I am on my own. The less I would have to depend on a man.

What’s better than one billionaire? Two! I just want someone to create an empire with, someone to live our best lives together. Someone who gets it. No headaches, just good vibes, the family comes first and it’s us against the world.

How has travel expanded or changed your perspective? 

Travel has empowered me. Being a girl from a small town in Connecticut, I was expected not to achieve much. But once I took my first trip, it became addicting. I realized that I can accomplish whatever I want and now I take solo trips. Traveling has taught me that we are all the same whether you are from Asia or Central America; we are all out here in the pursuit of happiness.

How do you manage to stay fit while traveling? 

I’m very active when I travel. I hike, I swim and I do yoga on the beach. I make sure that my travels involve activities that keep me fit.

I have no choice because I indulge when I’m on the road. I have to make sure that my physical activity makes up for all the food that I’ll eat but when I get home I eat very clean. It’s about balance and moderation; if I know that I’ve been eating unhealthy for a week I make sure that I eat healthy for the next week.

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How do you manage to travel blog and still be in the moment in the age of Instagram? 

Honestly, some of the best moments I don’t have pictures to show or it’s not being blogged and I have to be okay with that. Not everything has to be documented. I also sometimes take personal trips that are not work related that I go to relax and be less focused on creating content. I left my 9-5 to find my happiness and travel. I make sure to not allow my travels to feel like work.

What are some other endeavors you’re pursuing other than travel? 

I’m figuring it out as I go. This is a job title that really hasn’t been done before and I’m learning about myself and my brand every day. But, best believe I got big goals! I never play it small over here. All I know for sure is that I want to inspire everyone to step out of their comfort zone and explore.

Photo: Andre Musgrove

Advice for those of us who want to travel the world but don’t know how or where to start?

JUST START. When I started I didn’t have any direction I just knew that I wanted to go to Asia. I backpacked solo through 6 countries and $1,000 to my name, met some wonderful strangers, turned friends, and came home with money still in my pocket.

You may have to plan in advance, but you can travel on any budget. Don’t be afraid to stay in a hostel. I love me a hostel. For solo travel, hostels are perfect. There are lots of other solo travelers that will take your photos for you, go on excursions with you and may even become a friend for life. Don’t let fear control your adventures. If you want to go somewhere, do it now. Even if you have to go alone.

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