What to do when you’re broke but want to finish out Summer strong

Unfortunately, we’re almost done with Summer, and thanks to the endless happy hours, beach trips and brunches, you already blew through your Summer fun fund. 

How will you ever get drinks tonight with the girls, when that bank account is saying no? It’s a tough task, but you’re going to need to buckle down and budget for a while. Don’t worry, though, because I won’t let you become the broke bitch that has to sit at home with their empty pockets and deal with major FOMO.

If you’re terrible at pinching pennies, I have the tips for you. I have compiled a list of ways to save money and be money savvy while still having the best Summer ever.

Dig through your closet to find your most Instragramable outfit and prepare to live your best life, because Summer isn’t over, and neither are the good times!

1. Carpool whenever you can

Long story short, gas is expensive. If you are not fortunate to live in a city where there is a kick-ass public transportation system, you’re going to blow through some major dough to keep your tank full. Next time there is a beach trip planned or you and your friends are planning a weekend getaway, offer to chip in for gas or provide the snacks for the road.

2. Get outside

There are so many free opportunities right outside your door. It’s this insane thing called nature, and you def have to check it out. Grab your girls, a cute tapestry, and head to your local park to sunbathe. Scour through Pinterest to find some bomb recipes, too – you all can split the grocery bill for and have a poppin’ picnic.

Make sure to remember that cheap boxed wine (because we all know it actually tastes pretty good). Bonus? The food will be way healthier and cheaper than anything you’d get from that trendy brunch place. The sun will feel amazing and the laughs with your friends will be bubbly and wine-infused.

That’s a win.

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3. Find the work out routine you love

Start sweating, sis! Running on a treadmill for an hour is the actual definition of the ultimate bore. Don’t do it to yourself. However, you should take advantage of the endless workout videos you can find on YouTube. Find a yoga flow you absolutely love or learn the choreo from your favorite music video (I’m currently attempting to master Beyonce’s “Apeshit.” Keyword: attempting).

If following a screen isn’t your thing, take to Mr. Google. There are endless free outdoor fitness activities that take place during the warm months. There are also plenty of gyms and fitness studios who offer free intro classes or a free week’s worth of classes. Say hello to a healthier, happier you that’ll have a slamming body come autumn.

4. Check for free events your city puts on during the summer

I’m NJ/NYC based, and there are tons of movie screenings in parks and free concerts during the Summer. Do a quick internet search to see what your city has to offer, grab a friend and a coffee mug filled with vino, and go enjoy! A best bud + alcohol + free film or concert = a great night.

My life motto is that if it’s free, it’s for me – and it’s most definitely for you too!

5. Start to master a skill that has side hustle potential

Whether it be designing digital flyers or making vegan pastries, hone into your creative side and start to master a skill that you can fall back on when you need a little extra cash. Obviously, you’re reading this because money’s a little tight and the broke bitch feeling is NOT a fun one.

Tap into the left side of your brain and figure out which of the things you enjoy doing that can be made profitable. By the time the leaves fall you can have a pretty sweet side hustle with some pretty serious revenue.

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6. Get a rooftop potluck together

If one of your friends has a rooftop, suggest finally using it this Summer (we all know great rooftops can go unused and unnoticed most times). Take advantage of having a clutch spot with an amazing view in your city, and get a bunch of friends together for a potluck.

You can all bring homemade goods, which is cheaper, more interesting, and always leads to amazing leftovers. You can basically have dinner for three nights afterwards.

7. Learn how to manage your money

Google is free, and you’re obviously needing to cut back on some spending since you’re interested in this list. Take some time to go over your budget and see what’s working and what’s not. What are you overspending on? What could you use that extra cash that you may save for in the future?

There are plenty of amazing tips online on how to figure out the crazy world of money and adulting. So don’t worry, you’re not alone. Have a lit Summer, educate yourself, enjoy, and don’t forget to tan on both sides!

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