Ashton Kutcher’s New Netflix Series Is Basically ‘Brokeback’ With a Laugh Track

There’s been talk of Ashton Kutcher’s return to television, but now proof has arrived: the trailer for Netflix’s new CBS-style sitcom The Ranch is here and it stars none other than Ashton.

The trailer shows Ashton as a failed football player who moves back home to his parents’ ranch, with an intro that reminds us of some other inarticulate on-screen cowboy hotties we know and love.

His mom and dad are played by Sam Elliot and Debra Winger, while Ashton’s old buddy from That 70s Show, Danny Masterson, also makes an appearance. Remember Elisha Cuthbert from Girl Next Door? She’s also starring. There’s legitimately a laugh track involved.

We’re definitely going to see Ashton shirtless, but time will tell if we get to see any cowboy-on-cowboy action.

The first ten episodes of The Ranch will be released on Netflix April 1. See the trailer below.


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