Tour Diary: KenTheMan Shut’s down her D.C. show!

When KenTheMan stepped on stage for her show in Washington, D.C. last night, the crowed went into a frenzy. Apart of her Back To 304’n Tour – Ken embarks on a 12-city tour that ends where it all began, in her hometown of Houston, Texas. Ken’s music consists of hard hitting beats and sex appeal that will have you feeling yourself (no really), as a grown man I found myself last night at her show rapping along with her “Say he like him a thick bitch, like a bitch with her own shit, I ain’t never been a broke bitch” with my whole chest! The crowd knew every lyric, every line. We got a backstage pass to Ken’s sold-out show and asked a few questions along the way. More of KenTheMan here.


How has Tour been so far?

Tour has been amazing more than I expected actually. I feel so blessed to see all the beautiful faces every night in these cities I never even thought listened to me. 10/10 babessss.

 Favorite city so far?

I have a few I would say Denver, LA, ATL, Chicago, Detroit and D.C.

 Favorite song to perform?

Join Em and Not My N*gga By FAR

What’s your beauty tip for traveling?

Even if you have makeup artist bring your own make up and at least learn how to do a lil 1-2 just in case sh*t go left 

What can fans expect from you in 2024?

Most definitely an album more videos hopefully another tour and a lot of bangers to feel pretty to.

Team Credits:

Photography: William Camp @_buddhadoll

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