Tinder Will Actually Give You $100 For the Nonprofit of Your Choice

In addition to getting you laid, Tinder is also giving you the power to support your favorite women’s causes this month.

Starting at 9 a.m. on International Women’s Day, the hook-up and dating app has partnered with Pledgeling and will be donating a total of $250,000 to causes around the world. All you have to do to snag $100 of that money for your favorite cause is tweet them.

Tweets must include the name of the non-profit, tag @Tinder, and hashtag #FundHerCause. After, they’ll send you a code to unlock $100 in Tinder funds and you can then select the cause at Tinder.fund.

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According to the Tinder official blog:

“All around the world, women are bucking societal norms—they’re breaking down barriers, they’re breaking with tradition, and by doing so, they may even be breaking the law—all for something the rest of us consider a basic human right… We are grateful to them. We are inspired by them. And we are here to support them.”

Organizations they will donate to include Planned Parenthood, Girls Who Code, Girls Not Brides, and many more. #FundHerCause ends March 31st, 2017.

Find out more information here.

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