You Don’t Have to Skip Work to Do the Women’s Strike

As you may or may not know, A Day Without Women is Wednesday, March 8th. On this day, the world will hopefully see what it would be like if women truly weren’t part of our everyday lives.

A Day Without Women came about when organizers of both the Women’s march in January and A Day Without Women came to together to work with activists behind the International Women’s Strike.

According to USA Today, the purpose of this strike is to shine a spotlight on the economic power and influence women have on society and how big of an impact they contribute to the world with paid and unpaid labor. This is a time, where people from all over will help bring attention to the injustices that women including trans and gender nonconforming individuals face with gender discrimination, sexual harassment, lower wages, and marginalization.

It would be awesome to see every woman in the world going out and standing in solidarity with everyone going on strike, but it’s not a realistic thing for some. Unfortunately, some of us can’t afford to take off from work or ditch school. But don’t feel bad, there other sure ways to support your girl gang.

Here are ways to support your fellow and beloved women if skipping work isn’t in your bag.

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1. Spread the Word

In this day and age, social media is the quickest way to get info out there. So, use your social platforms for spreading positivity about the Women’s Strike and getting your followers to support the movement. If you’re heavy on the socials, make it your mission to constantly post and repost and about what you’re doing, because we can’t rely on the news channels such as Fox and CNN to keep us posted on everything that’s going around the strike. We have to be our own informants.

2. Show Your Support After Work on March 8th

Skipping work out of the question? No problem, join the movement afterwards at rallies happening near you. Here are some:

International Women’s Day – Rally and Walkout At Low in New York

Women in Blue Day at the Legislature in Arizona

International Women’s Strike in Pittsburgh

International Women’s Day Strike! in Santa Cruz

For more rallies to participate in, click here.

3. Donate to the Women’s March and Women’s Strike

A sure fire way to support the strike is just simply donating to the organization. Putting together events like this doesn’t come at no cost. By donating even just a dollar will help continue the efforts towards moving forward and making the woman’s voice even louder.

Click here and here to donate.

Want to take it a step further?

Donate to these other organizations, who continually need our help:

Planned Parenthood

National Organization for Women (NOW)

The Association of Women’s Rights in Development (AWID)

Women for Women

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4. Dedicate the Day to Watching Only Female-Led Productions

Now, if you’re just completely and don’t want go out at all, but still want to do something — binge watch all your favs, but only if the women are the lead in some way. Guidelines: it has to be female directed, lead female characters, and/or written by a woman.

Here’s a short list of suggestions:

    Queen Sugar

    Mean Girls

    Netflix’s Jessica Jones


    The Golden Girls



5. Don’t Spend Any Money

If you want to really hit him where it hurts, refrain from shopping Wednesday.

According to Forbes, women make up 70-80% of all purchasing. By stopping yourself from shopping for this one day, the government and businesses all over will realize the true impact we have on the economy.

Now, I know emergencies happen and avoiding buying is not an option. An alternative choice would be to support local small businesses, instead of big chain stores, owned by women and minorities.

6. Or, Shop Women-Owned Businesses Locally and Online

If you can’t avoid shopping even for one day for unneeded things, use that uncontrollable urge for good by shopping businesses owned by women online such as:

Coloring Pins

The Line By K

Kyrz’s Closet

Love, Cortnie

Also, do some research and figure out which businesses near you are owned by women. It’s really not hard — just Google it!

7. Where Your Support On Your Sleeve (or chest, back, head, or wherever)

Not only will you bee able to show your support, but it’s something you can keep forever. Clothes are known showcasing who you are and what you stand for, so why not do that for the women of the universe. Shop for your one stop shop of all things women empowered:

Don’t have the coins to spend on merch? No worries, according to Women’, you can simply wear “red” to be apart of the solidarity that will unit us Wednesday. Have crafty sewing skills? You can even knit you a rad Pink “Pussyhat” if you want.

Let’s show the world on March 8th and everyday what it looks like to have GIRL POWER!

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