Tim Gunn Says Yeezy Season 4 Was Full Of ‘Dumb, Basic Clothes’

First Tim Gunn attacks Emily Ratajkowski about showing too much of her body in a dress, then he attacks Kanye West for a “dumb” Yeezy Season Four show. The man is really on one this week.

“I’m totally perplexed about why the fashion industry has not looked at these, frankly, dumb, basic clothes and cried ‘Hoax,’” Gunn said on Access Hollywood Live. “Kanye West is a sphinx without a riddle. I just don’t understand why people are so in awe. [The models were] basically wearing stretch undergarments.”

And if that wasn’t mean enough. He added: “I think the only thing dumber than these clothes would be the people who would buy these clothes.”

Okay, way to make literally every young person hate you Tim Gunn.

The Yeezy Season Four show sucked, this much we know. But don’t go insulting all the people who buy and wear the garments. Because the clothes themselves are simply basics, and there’s nothing “dumb” about that.

Sit down Tim… sit down!

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