Thomas Jack Teaches Us How to Chill

Born in New South Wales and raised in Australia, Thomas Jack is a huge part of the tropical house music movement and discovering mega superstar DJ Kygo. Jack knows how to make summer last forever through his music, style, and voice.

You created the whole tropical music movement, what inspired you to start this genre and new wave of electronically produced music?

I’ve always made music, but then this sort of just happened. I was always trying to make something after getting inspired by all these artists and trying to do what they did, but it never ended up working so I finally just did my own thing.

Which artists inspired you?

So there’s a guy called Dickson, he’s one of my all time favorites, everything from his production to music to parties is so great. Another guy called Arthur Russell, a cellist and singer but really pioneered 90’s dance music, I kept crossing them together. And I’ve always loved acoustic and beachy sounds.

How do you come across new talent?

I hunt a lot for my music, I’ll spend days just finding new stuff and when i come across it I hold on to that. There’s so much out there and so much crap mixed in too so you really gotta find it which does take time.

What’s your best advice for someone who wants to be as chill as you?

Well I’ve done a lot of touring so to just chill and it’s the end of summer… Get as much sun as you can, get tan, go to the beach. I love traveling, Guatemala was pretty cool. Same with Tulum and Ibiza.

Do you have a dream spot in the world?

I want to buy a little island in the Caribbean, build a little fuckin house, and just chill.

What’s your style like?

I always wear boots, massive fan. I love jeans, ripped jeans, and jumpers. I’m a big fan of linen. And a good hat.

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