This Website Will Help You Spend More Time Analyzing Your Text Messages

I just spent 45 minutes entering a number of text messages from my ex-boyfriend into this website that analyzes the emotional tone of text, and surprise, surprise, they all correctly indicated high levels of “disgust” or “anger.”

It’s easy to catch on to my passive-aggressive feelings and emotion from the sentence above, but sometimes it’s difficult to gauge emotion via text message. That’s where the Tone Analyzer Service comes in. Based on what form the text comes in — email message, corporate announcement, customer service chat, and most importantly, your own message — the site uses style cues in language and diction to decide what level of emotion and social tendencies are apparent through text.

As PopBuzz aptly put it, this site is a great way to figure out if your text messages are the equivalent of resting bitch face. Once you’ve mastered the language of yourself, another fun thing to do is send texts to this ‘Botline Bling’ Drake bot.

Have a blast!

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