There’s Finally Some Good Beauty News for Redheads

Being a natural redhead is tough.

First there are the invisible eyelashes and eyebrows. Then there’s the tendency to get super sunburnt. Oh, and you can’t forget the risk of being called a firecrotch by Paris Hilton.

But now, thanks to a new study, we gingers can take solace in new evidence that we might not age as quickly as blondes and brunettes.

Researchers in the U.K. — where things are even more dismal for gingers — uncovered a gene called MC1R which might hold the key to looking young.

The researchers asked people to guess how old 2,600 people looked. As it turned out, the youngest-looking of the bunch had the MC1R gene in common — and many of the gene’s variants also coincide with red hair, according to the BBC. That means that those of us who are blessed with ginger locks might also be blessed with a gene that keeps up looking fresh af well into our twilight years.

This, combined with the fact that redheads don’t go grey, is pretty solid news. We redheads might not fare that well when it comes to grade school bullying, but at least we have the last laugh.

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