Theophilus London Just Stood Up to Kanye Muse & Accused Rapist Ian Connor

Sh*t just exploded in the Ian Connor drama.

While at a store in Paris, Theophilus London confronted Ian Connor about rape allegations that recently surface, not only on Twitter but also in person.

Earlier today, Kanye West protege Theophilus tweeted at Ian Connor, another associate of Kanye’s, calling him out for allegedly treating him, A$AP Bari, and Virgil Abloh poorly after receiving their help. He also called Ian a rapist, and told him to get security.

Recently, Ian Connor has been accused of raping and sexually assaulting several women, many of whom have come forward to tell their stories of what he did to them. Before today, no one that is associated with Kanye or Ian had come out against him and the accusations.

Read Theophilus’s tweets:

Everything Bari did for u
Everything Virgil did for u
Everything I did for u
That’s the thx we get?
Word ?! @souljaian get security bro asap

Then things escalated when the two met in person, where Theophilus then stood up to Ian, saying “I’ll slap the shit out of you” in the video below: 

And then things got a little bit more violent when Ian Connor lunged at Theophilus, punching him in the face. A$AP Rocky can also be seen in the video attempting to break them up.

Damn Ian Connor punched the shit out of Theophilus London.

— Kenny (@PhillyCustoms) June 23, 2016

Then when Ian Connor was on his way out of the store, A$AP Bari snuffed him as well, lunging at him multiple times.

But to be completely honest, it’s important that someone like Theophilus London, who has a lot of power within Kanye’s party and hip hop culture, is speaking out on the fact that Ian Connor is actually complete sh*t. Being accused of rape is serious, and we’re glad someone is finally taking a stand.

Now Theophilus is seriously going in. We’ll continue to update as more comes through.

— Theophilus London (@TheophilusL) June 23, 2016

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