The Only Way To Get Better At Banging Is Practice, Says Science

No matter how much porn you watched or how many times you fake-made-out with your teddy bear for practice (if anyone actually does that IRL), your first sexual experience was probably awkward, un-orgasmic, and left you feeling unsatisfied.

In a surprising turn of events, it turns out that the only way to get better at banging is to bang more.

The best predictor of an orgasm in a woman, according to a study, is the amount of sexual experiences she’s had previously.

It doesn’t matter if the woman’s sexual experiences have all been with one person, or if each hook-up is with a different person, the results are the same.

“The authors found that rates of orgasm and enjoyment increased ‘dramatically’ between the first hookup and subsequent encounters, which suggests, according to lead author and University of Michigan sociologist Elizabeth A. Armstrong, that “partner-specific learning plays a role even in the absence of long-term commitment,’ explains The Science of Us.

Some sources would lead you to believe that reading about it, watching it, or doing some sort of tantric-meditation thing would lead you to be the expert of the century…

Nope, sorry! Practice makes perfect, you know. Not that needing to have tons of lays is some horrendous chore anyway.

But before you start thinking that some fuckboy must be great in bed because he’s boned a ton of girls, you should know that Nicole Prause, an expert researcher, also considers “communication to be a key factor in being good at sex.”

The more you practice, the better you’ll get at knowing what places to touch and what motions to create; but if your partner isn’t giving you feedback, you’ll never know if what you’re doing is actually pleasurable.

All in all, this probably confirms what most of us have known all along. But just in case some bro tries to argue that the reason he’s good at laying the pipe is because he’s constantly watching porn — now you have official data to prove him wrong.

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