How Teyana Taylor Got Her Ridic ‘Fade’ Body

A lubed up Teyana Taylor stole the show at the VMAs Sunday night by gyrating in a thong in Kanye West’s new video for “Fade,” and she’s now explaining how you, too, can get her ridiculously fit body.

Syke, you can’t have Teyana’s body. The girl is genetically blessed, plain and simple. But she did tell a TMZ paparazzo how she stays in shape.

The cameraman asked if it’s Teyana’s husband, Cleveland Cavaliers player Iman Shumpert, whose rigorous workouts are responsible for her sick bod. But Teyana quickly set him straight.

“I’m telling you dance is the greatest workout,” she said. “Dance is very underrated in the fitness world. Dance is my workout.”

Sensing that the next question would obvi be all about what she eats, she continued:

“I eat everything by the way,” she said. “I eat Twinkies and all types of this shit.”

The cameraman boringly insisted on bringing up Teyana’s husband again, asking if he liked the “Fade” video.

“He loves it, he’s trying to put another kid in me,” she said.

Sounds fun. By the way, did you know Teyana delivered her first kid on the floor of her own bathroom like a god damn superhero? Honestly, WTF planet is this girl from?

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