Teyana Taylor Just Stole the VMAs in Kanye’s New Video

Teyana Taylor just unexpectedly stole the show at the VMAs.

MTV granted Kanye West “four minutes to do whatever he wanted” at the VMAs. After a speech in which he declared himself an “art merchant” and shading Taylor Swift, he decided to turn the floor over to Teyana Taylor.

Instead of performing himself, Kanye debuted a pre-recorded music video for the last song on “The Life of Pablo,” a house-inflected jam called “Fade.”

The video is basically a “Footloose” reboot starring Teyana Taylor. Most of it shows her dancing her ass off in a gym, wearing a (Yeezy brand?) sports bra and thong.

In the video, Teyana’s body’s all oiled up like Kim K’s booty on vaca and her hair’s soaking wet like Beyoncé’s at the 2014 VMAs. By the end of the video, she showers with a dude and then turns into a cat? I don’t know, you can watch the video on Tidal here.

And like, not to start drama or anything, but people were having a hard time paying attention to the actual live performers after “Fade” finished…

Her starring in the video might have seemed unexpected at first, but Teyana Taylor is actually a longtime part of Kanye’s G.O.O.D. Music crew.

It doesn’t look like Teyana attended the VMAs, but she left two tweets on her timeline about 10 hours ago for anyone who’d be looking after the performance.

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