How to Tell if Bae Is Worthy of Your Family’s Thanksgiving

The holidays are a lot of pressure on a new relationship, especially when it comes to your boyfriend or girlfriend meeting your family. It’s one thing to introduce your new boo to the parents — which should probably happen before you even consider Thanksgiving! — but meeting your drunk cousin Ernie and your aunt who’s on her seventh marriage can be a whole new ball game.

Fortunately, Galore is here with some easy ways to test and train your boyfriend before Turkey Day. Perhaps some of these are absolutely impossible for a normal boyfriend to pass but if your relationship survives, he might be worthy of attending Thanksgiving dinner out of sheer resilience.

1. Ask him which member of your family is hottest.

If he immediately responds with your cousin’s name — even if it’s true! — it means he has no social graces and needs to stay home. Also to consider: has he contemplated this question before you asked?

2. Assess his dishwashing skills.

He can’t show up at Thanksgiving dinner making it glaringly obvious he has never touched a sponge in his entire life. Even if your mom insists on doing them herself, she’ll be impressed by his offer to help. Guys need to make themselves useful.

3. Play Tetris with him.

Find out his high score. Almost as important as being able to stuff himself with food is being able to stuff leftovers into to-go containers effectively afterwards. You want to bring home enough Thanksgiving leftovers to eat well for four additional meals (at least). Tetris has been teaching the translatable skill of packing different items into one space since 1984.

4. Check his closet for Thanksgiving-appropriate apparel.

Whether your family gets super dressed up or goes the comfortable route, he needs to be dressed well but also appropriately. If his closet doesn’t already have a few good options, talk to him about a shopping trip for something your extended family won’t hate.

5. Find out how his politics blend with your family’s (or if he’s able to adapt).

Thanksgiving is entirely too close to the recent election and you know our President-elect will come up. A boyfriend needs to be able to read the room, whether your family is super conservative or a band of Bernie bros, and be tactful enough to navigate the dangerous waters of Thanksgiving politics talk.

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