Taylor Lashae Is Bringing French Chic Back

Taylor Lashae is not your typical model/actress. Her Instagram feed, where she’s garnered a following of 78,000, showcases a personal style even she can’t explain, and she sells items right out of her closet in her Depop store.

Galore sat down with Taylor to find out how she started with Depop, acting, and how she feels about Insta fame, with photos by Danielle DeFoe.


Love your Depop store! What kind of items do you look for to sell there specifically?
I use Depop to really just clean out the things I don’t wear. I shop too much and don’t have enough room in the world for the things I do decide to keep.

How did you get into Depop?
One of the creators hit me up ages ago into trying the app in the early stages so I just became addicted quickly after… I have still so much stuff to upload, winter doesn’t even know what’s coming yet.

How would you describe your personal style?
All over the place. Rocker lil’ french boy to very feminine chic, I guess? I’m really just all over the place.


What is your style inspiration?
A mix between New York nostalgia and a suburban teenager.

Where did you get your acting start?
New York. I started acting classes, did a ton of commercials and films, moved out to LA, and it all changed for me. Different coasts, diff vibes.

What do you hope to pursue next in terms of acting?
At this point I really want to work on more commercials and music videos! Sweet and fun, but def interested in digging my fingers into more projects in film!


What do you think contributed to your insta fame? 
Ew. “Insta fame,” it’s not real… I just post what I want and I feel.

Do you think you would ever open up your own store, outside of Depop?
I wish actually, daaamn. That would be ideal… a girl can dream.

Where do you see yourself in a year?
Somewhere remote with lots of dogs and a kolache farm. If you don’t know what a kolache is, look up Shipley’s kolaches. Omg, you’re welcome.


Photographer: Danielle DeFoe
Eleanor Wells
Hair: Traci Barrett @ Art Department
Makeup: Lilly Keys @ JK Artists

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