Interviewed and written by: Chloe Hall @hallchloe

THINK LATER wasn’t just an album title for Tate McRae by its release in December of last year; it was a mantra. McRae created the name a full year before it became an actual song. Before that, they were words to live by guiding her to follow the organ pumping blood through her chest for the first time in her young life rather than the one sending overthought signals from her brain. Her heart led her in intelligent directions. McRae’s “Greedy,” which she said channels those sharp shimmering Timberland beats from the 2000s, is the first top Billboard 10 hit from a Canadian female artist. The success is partly thanks to bestie and fellow pop star Olivia Rodrigo. McRae and Rodrigo played each other their albums last year before they were released. We spoke with Tate about worrying about consequences later, making music to dance to, and who she dreams of collaborating with next.

Featured Interview:

Your sophomore album, THINK LATER, is out now. How does it feel? 

It feels surreal! I am both so happy and relieved this record is finally out in the world. This is my most honest body of work yet. I’m loving seeing how people connect to certain lyrics and tracks – it’s making me so excited for tour later this year!

Tell us about your new era and where the album title came from. 

This new era is feistier, a lot more playful, and a lot more pop. Before “Greedy,” I felt like there was a more fun and edgy side of me that the world hadn’t seen yet because so much of my music was sadder and slower in tempo. “Greedy” as my lead single was a very intentional tonal shift. I think it perfectly set up the THINK LATER era to still be very vulnerable, but also a lot more confident.

THINK LATER was an album title I had for a while – probably for about a year before I had the actual song! I was leading with my heart – instead of my head – in a lot of situations for the first time in my life. In doing so, I was telling myself that I’d “think later” about the consequences and repercussions of those actions and decisions. The title THINK LATER perfectly encompassed how I was living at 19 and 20 years old.

Congratulations on the success of your lead single, ‘Greedy,’ and becoming the first Canadian female artist to have a top 10 hit on Billboard. How do you feel?

Wow, that’s crazy! It’s a huge honor. I feel very lucky and grateful. What “Greedy” did I could have never predicted or imagined. I just feel an overwhelming amount of appreciation for everyone supporting me and the song.

What is one thing you would tell yourself making your debut album that you know now as you just released your sophomore album?

I would tell myself to trust my gut more. While making my first album, I listened to a lot of other people’s opinions about what I should sound like. This time around, I listened to my own intuition. I feel a lot more empowered in the studio now, and I hope people can tell the difference in the sounds and lyrics. Tuning into myself has led to my most honest and authentic music yet.

You’re on track to be the next big pop girl. Who are some of your biggest influences? 

I love all the pop girls: Christina, Britney, Ariana, Rihanna, Rosalia. They are all so iconic to me.

Who would be a dream artist to collaborate with?

I love Post Malone and The Weeknd. Noah Kahan would also be a dream!

SNL was at the top of your bucket list; what’s topping your bucket list now? 

I am so excited about playing Stampede in July – I grew up attending Stampede, so it feels really special. It will be my first hometown show in Calgary!

I also can’t wait to play Madison Square Garden in August! That has been a dream of mine for so long!

You’re delivering the whole package. How has dancing helped you fully realize yourself as an artist?  

For so long, I had been wanting to make music that I could dance to. I finally feel like I cracked the code on how to make music that I can dance to while making this album. Keeping my live performance top of mind while in the studio was a really important driver in figuring out which sounds and tempos I wanted to lean into this time around.

Do you feel like people are craving more of a nostalgic hit from the musicians of the 2000s?

I definitely feel like people are craving music reminiscent of the early 2000s! Speaking for myself and Ryan Tedder, my executive producer, we were heavily inspired by Timbaland beats in the studio. The 2000s music feels timeless.

Your friends with fellow singers and songwriters like Olivia Rodrigo and Billie Eilish, do you share your music or bounce ideas off each other? 

Olivia and Billie are the sweetest. Olivia and I actually played each other our albums before they came out this past year. I just really trust her taste in music, and her opinion and feedback mean a lot to me. 

Because the internet has played such a role in your career trajectory, do you find yourself writing with virality in mind? 

I feel really fortunate that I can use the Internet as a tool to share my music and my lyrics. I’ve always felt a direct connection with the people who listen to my music thanks to means like social media. However, I never make music or write lyrics with virality in mind. Honestly thinking about the Internet or what may work on TikTok kills an idea or a song for me! I much prefer to let my creativity run wild without any consideration of what others will think about it or how people online will respond to it. If I tease a song online that I’m excited about and it goes viral, I view that as an added bonus and a strike of luck.

What can your fans expect from you in 2024?

I cannot wait to go back on tour! I am already thinking about what the live show will look like. It’s going to be so much fun.  

Quickfire: Answer now, think later 

Red flags? dishonest and rude people

Would you rather keep his number or necklace to steal from Exes? necklace

Favorite song you’ve written? run for the hills

Craziest DM you’ve ever gotten? i probably blocked it out my brain for a reason, haha.

What’s your ideal night? picnic on the beach at night


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