SUMMER ISSUE: Naughty Knife Play with Starlet Lorenza Izzo

We’re so happy to be featuring this up & coming actress Lorenza Izzo in our new issue.Check out what she had to say about her career, horror movies and what’s coming up next!

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How did you get into acting?
I dont think I knew I wanted to be an actress until I actually got a taste of it, in the first movie I ever did. Which was while I was in college studying journalism and there was this open call for casting for a student film of a different school and I went in expecting nothing and got the part. Before that, in school and growing up, I loved being the center of attention. I was great at making up stories and lying haha (kid lies and white lies) and always wanted to be part of the school plays. It didn’t matter to me if I was tree #4 or the star of the show, I just loved the energy and the world of performing. I think I was constantly acting as a kid and then it just evolved into making a profession of it.

You have done several horror films how does the Green Inferno compare?
This is only my second horror film, I guess this one I dont even consider horror. It has so many elements that are non genre, yet the movie itself is very scary. It’s about this group of college kids from New York that want to save the rainforest from all the construction companies and actually fly down to the amazon to tie themselves to trees and bulldozers and stream their rally. It works and they are published everywhere and when they are coming back their plane crashes and the same people they were trying to save, turn out to be their worst cannibal nightmare. However what this film truly touches on is social media- by just tweeting about a cause, feeling good about yourself and not really doing anything. I feel like people get caught up in just retweeting something they heard was horrible and should be heard but more for the reason of people acknowledging them for being good persons than for really caring about any cause. Don’t get me wrong, it does bring awareness and there are many exceptions to people who use it as another tool. But, the vast majority, and I’ve done it too, is just because you wanna look like a good person. So all in all, this film has a very present depiction of society and I love being part of that.


Romper by Wheels and Dollbaby

The Green Inferno also stars it girl and musician Sky Ferreira how is she as an actress and who does she play in the film?
She plays my best friend in the film and its great, because in real life we are very good friends too. she’s such an incredible person. acting with her was so much fun and brought something very special and unique to the screen. as an actress as she also is a musician she’s ver authentic, honest and strong. it was great to be able to work with her and develop such cool characters.

Favorite 6 Horror films of all time?
Mmm…to be honest, I get scared so easily watching horror movies that I dont see them that much. BUT, surely The Shining, Paranormal Activity, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Hostal, and Cabin Fever.

You are from Chile when did you move to LA and how do you like it so far?
I live din chile my whole life and grew up there except for 3 years when I was 12, I moved to Atlanta and it was crazy to have my puberty years there and then go back to Chile, a very conservative country. It was a great culture shock and opened my eyes to what the world could possibly be. I then moved to New york when I was 18 and back to chile a year later. I have now been in LA for a little more than 2 years, moved here at 23 and Im loving it. For an actress its definitely the place to be, but its also a very special place. More than the lovely weather, the beaches, the food and the life in general it has a sort of cool weird vibe that I find very homey. I dont know how to describe it, it’s a good feeling though.

We wanna come play with you in Chile, where would we go?
I mean if you go to Chile you HAVE to go to the south, there are wonderful lakes and Volcanoes, to the Patagonia, way down south, one of the most amazing places I’ve been. Now, all the way in the north of Chile is the dessert of San Pedro de Atacama, it’s literally like Mars over there. The stars are so very clear at night and its just a very breathtaking location. Santiago is the capital city and also where I grew up, it’s very modern and very fun nightlife. Valparaiso is a port town in the coast of chile. It is such a beautiful charming town. It’s very mountainy, colorful and you get to ride funiculars everywhere. Now, we have some of the best surfing spots, Puertecillo, Punta de Lobos and Matanzas are sick beaches with great waves and winds for kitesurfing.

What makes you scream?
I get scared SO EASILY, I’m such a girl when it comes to bugs, dark small spaces and just anything remotely scary will make me scream.

What is next for you as an actress?
I just finished filming a movie called Knock Knock, starring Keanu Reeves and it was such an awesome experience. On September 5 The Green Inferno comes out in theaters. I will be promoting that during the summer so I’m hoping I’ll have tons of fun with that!


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