Suburban Teens Might Be Boning More Than NYC Adults

If you’ve ever dreamed of living in New York City like Carrie Bradshaw, you’ve probably envisioned fabulous outfits, 24/7 partying, and lots and lots of sex in the city.

But according to recent statistics, New York isn’t the sex pot that it once was. The most recent survey of New York peeps showed that a third of them hadn’t had sex or oral sex within the last year. A whole fucking year! Here you are thinking that you’re the Virgin Mary herself when you swear off Tinder for a week, while these New Yorkers are legit becoming born again virgins.

These numbers from 2014 (the most recent study) were the highest that they’d ever been, in comparison to the 2002 survey which was the first to measure how many people were having sex in NYC (a very important matter, obvs). In 2002, 18.4% of people hadn’t gotten laid in the last year.

But how do those numbers compare to the rest of the US? Well, according to another study, 11.5% of teens have had more than four sexual partners, whereas only 7% of New Yorkers have had more than three partners.

Weird, right? Maybe 2016 Carrie Bradshaw would be a horny high school chick who loves Snapchat rather than a Manhattan-dwelling journalist? How the f are high schoolers having more partners than those who live in a city with 8.4 million people and are equipped with Tinder?

Some studies have claimed that the lack in boning has to do with how stressed young people are, and in a rat-race type city like New York, this totally makes sense. But it’s also kind of depressing, because you’d think that if any city was getting it on it’d be the city that never sleeps.

Does this mean that you’re not going to be fucking as many dudes as you thought when you move to NYC? Definitely not. Although many studies claim that young people are not DTF, it seems that the people taking these surveys are not the same people you see out thirsting at the club or sending unsolicited dick pics.

In the mean time, never feel like your sex life is inadequate, because if you’re having sex at all, you’re doing a lot better than a third of New Yorkers. Maybe ask your pre-teen sister what’s good?

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