Young People Are Officially Too Stressed to Bone, Experts Say

Sex? Ain’t nobody got time for that.

While people tend to think of themselves as freakier than their parents’ generation, you’re probably getting your freak on less often. Why? Because we’re all stressed af.

A recent study has found that teens are having less sex than previous generations, but there are various theories as to why. When The Independent asked Dr. Jean Twenge, author of Generation Meshe pointed to stress as the main factor causing the downward shift in our sex lives.

The main stressor for most millennials is finding (and keeping) a job by working ungodly hours for little pay, which causes many college-graduates to go back to living with their parents or relatives.

“When you’re a young adult living with your parents, it’s harder to have sex,” says Dr. Twenge “Even though the recession is over, more young adults are still living with their parents. It’s like being a young teen again, trying to figure out where to get some privacy.”

There are certainly ways to get laid when living in your parents’ basement, but that doesn’t mean that it’s easy. Plus, even if you’re living with your parents, you don’t really want to be dating a guy that’s doing the same.

“It’s also more difficult because fewer young men have jobs, and most young women want to date someone who is employed,” explains Dr. Twenge.

When you’re worried about student loans, finding a job (or two), and paying rent; it’s kind of hard to prioritize getting dick on top of your real “adult” responsibilities. Certain studies may point to sex as a stress-reliever, but for many of us it’s difficult to try to date–let alone fuck, when we have 100 other responsibilities. Not to mention that masturbating is a much easier option the majority of the time.

While the current research suggests that the downward trend in sex is here to stay, it’s still unclear how this is going to affect future-birth rates and population growth. Maybe, just maybe, if people stop having babies and our country’s population starts dwindling, the government will find a way to stop stressing us out so much? Wishful thinking, but unlikely.

In the mean time, stock up on a vibrator while you can.

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