Here’s What People Who ‘Relationship Hop’ Have in Common

We all know that one girl or guy who changes significant others like you change your bed sheets. You haven’t had a serious boo for an entire year, and this person seems to have a new bae legit every month.

Well, if you love to hate (or simply just hate) this relationship hopper, don’t worry, some studies say that if this person’s relationships overlap, you might be justified.

In multiple studies on mate poaching, researchers found that people who were “mate poached,” or formed a new relationship by being “stolen” from their original mate, were generally “socially passive, not particularly nice to others, careless and irresponsible, and narcissistic.”

On top of being a shitty person in general, they were also more likely to “desire and engage in sexual behavior outside of the confines of committed relationships,” which isn’t surprising since someone who leaves a relationship for another person is presumably cheating (at least emotionally) at some point.

Side chicks and side dudes catch a lot of flack, and this study pretty much proves that the person being “stolen” is just as bad.

So if you start crushing on a dude whose list of exes is long af, maybe you should take a step back and reconsider if you want to be on that list or not. There’s a difference between being a “relationship person” and not being able to ever be alone.

Besides, being single during the holidays is fun af. Don’t you forget it.

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