It’s Been Proven That Cheaters Will Always Be Cheaters

You’ve certainly heard the phrase “once a cheater, always a cheater,” and wondered if it was true. Well, a few studies have proven that it really is a fact, for the most part.

Bummer, right? That means your BFF was right about the douchebag-with-a-GF you hooked up with last weekend, and that it suddenly makes sense why your roommate consistently cheats on every boyfriend she’s ever had.

The information comes out of a few studies on “mate poaching,” published on Research Digest.

Multiple studies found that people who were “poached” from their last relationship by their current partner — a.k.a. cheated on their last bae with the one they’re dating now — were just as eager to be poached again.

From Research Digest:

“Men and women who said they’d been poached by their current partner tended to start out the study by reporting less commitment to their existing relationship, feeling less satisfied in it, committing more acts of infidelity and looking out for more alternatives.”

Even worse, when the subjects were interviewed over the course of the study, they reported even lower commitment and satisfaction in the relationship. Basically, the ship that was barely afloat was sinking even further.

When summarizing their findings, the study researchers determined that people who were successfully mate-poached also “tend[ed] to desire and engage in sexual behavior outside of the confines of committed relationships.”

Translation? Once a cheater, always a cheater. You didn’t “win” if you were the side chick who became the main chick, because pretty soon there’s going to be another side chick taking your place.

Sure, you can’t completely generalize every person who has ever cheated in their life. But the studies don’t lie, and other studies have even claimed that infidelity is in your genes.

If you’re not trying to get fucked over, better to stay on the safe side and date someone who doesn’t have a history of banging the nanny.

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