Is Infidelity In Your Genes?


These hoes ain’t loyal.

Is anyone truly faithful these days? While there are certainly faithful candidates out there, it’s hard to find somebody who isn’t distracted by the constant sexual opportunities presented to them on the daily.

What makes someone more likely to be loyal? Is it their love for you? Their parent’s relationship? Their ethnicity?

Turns out, the answer could be in your genetic makeup.

Brendan P. Zietsch, a psychologist based in Australia, conducted an experiment that analyzed almost 7,400 Finnish twins, and his results were surprising.

Although we commonly blame men for their wandering eyes and attribute it to evolution. However, Zietch’s experiment only found a strong correlation between the vasopressin gene (a hormone that effects sexual behavior, trust, and empathy) and women. Contrary to many beliefs, there was no connection involving oxytocin in this experiment. He concluded that 40% of women’s sexually active behavior can be attributed to their genes, that is a f*cking lot. Next time you feel like you’re being a hoe, just blame genetics!

While Zietch’s experiment didn’t link to oxytocin, another scientist’s experiment did. Hasse Walum’s, findings show that both oxytocin and vasopressin are strongly correlated to partner bonding. The way that these two genes correlate to each other, in addition to the happiness involved in the relationship, can determine how likely that infidelity will occur.

Moreover, certain tests with animals have shown that you can literally change an animal’s sexual behavior (from scheming player to hubby of the year) with the injection of a virus containing the vasopressin gene.

That being said, please don’t try to do this experiment yourself at home. Your boyfriend is going to be a little weirded out if you ask him to get his genes sequenced, and the idea of you making your own virus to inject into your unfaithful husband scares me.

However, this does bring back the question of the validity of “once a cheater, always a cheater.” You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, and if your man is a dog, it might be in his genes (or in yours).

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