Why strength training might be the missing ingredient in your skincare

If you’re a skincare psycho, I’m sure you’re already taking all the best supplements and using all the best products and drinking all the ounces of water per day you can get your hands on. But did you know strength training can also benefit your skincare routine?

It starts with eating and drinking as healthily as possible, but once you get that on lock, weight-lifting can enhance your skin’s appearance. Bella Hadid’s nutritionist, Dr. Charles Passler, talked to W magazine about how working out can alter the look of your skin.

And if you’re looking for a workout that’ll plump and lift your skin, “strength training is a better option than cardio,” he said.

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“Strength training helps to deplete the water stored in the muscle by burning up the sugar stores,” Dr. Passler told W. “The sugar stores create a lot of water retention.”

Water retention causes your face to look puffy and tired. One of its causes is dehydration — that’s why we all look like crap after a long night of drinking.

“Combine [strength training] with a very low carb diet so that the stores are not re-established and you have a perfect one two punch for a leaner look and tighter skin,” he said. “Give yourself 2-3 days before an event for excellent results.”

So if you can’t afford the ridiculously priced serums and elixirs taunting you from Sephora’s shelves, this is a much easier way to look fresh and well-rested.

“The best way to tune up the tightness of your skin is to eliminate the water under the skin that your body holds on to,” Dr. Passler said. “This is best accomplished through dieting and exercising.”

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