How to stay true to your summer goth aesthetic

It’s hard to inject your personal style into beachwear – especially if your personal style is on the darker side. After all, generally you’ll only be rocking two pieces of small fabric (or one) and a crappy pair of flip-flops.

Sure, you could wear jewelry, but that’s really impractical for the average day at the beach/pool – not to mention extra.

But what’s an emo to do? Just because you like to wear black doesn’t mean you don’t enjoy some sunshine and some good ol’-fashioned splashing around the pool. But that also doesn’t mean you want people to confuse you for preppy or boho.

Here are some fool-proof tips for staying true to your dark style – plus some killer buys for summer.

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1. Commit to a crazy hair color

If you make your hair a part of your aesthetic, nobody will question your dedication to the dark arts. You can wear a lifeguard uniform or a frilly dress and everyone will still know that you’re edgy. If you’re not trying to commit fully and are just looking for a purple-haired summer fling, stick to a semi-permanent dye (which is also better for your hair).

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2. Pop in a piercing

Less intense than a hair color, but still pretty hardcore, is to get a piercing. Or, you can go Kim Kardashian style and get a fake one – except then you’ll have to worry about it falling out in the ocean. Either way, this might be too little too late since you probably don’t want to deal with a fresh piercing now that you’re going to be in the sand and sea. Maybe next year?

3. Get a kitschy towel


VINICIO Cool Beach Towel, $18

No basic striped towels for you, and no floral giant circular ones either. A nice skull towel like this one will do nicely.

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4. Scour the interweb for some punky swimwear

emo-swim-galoreJaded London, $50 Who Ya Gonna Call Bikini, $55 Stardust Swim, $118

It’s actually really hard to find swimwear like this these days, because the trendy swimwear ATM is all about crazy cuts with solid colors rather than basic cuts with cool prints.

You used to be able to buy some skull printed bikinis at stores like Pacsun or Hot Topic, but Pacsun is all grown up and Hot Topic has veered into cosplay territory.

Thankfully, Dolls Kill has some super unique suits to fit your aesthetic. Or maybe you can get one of those basic one pieces with words across customized to say “emo thot?”

5. Amp up your flop game


Demonia Flip Flops, $48 River Island Studded Slides, $51 The White Brand Camo Slides, $40

Since flip-flops aren’t exactly style goals at the moment (although at this rate, they’ll probably come back), most people just buy a $1 pair at Old Navy and use them solely for beach days.

But, if you’re trying to add some flavor to your beach lewks, consider investing in a pair that’s really unique. Unfortunately, it’s nearly impossible to find punk flip-flops and/or beach appropriate sandals – trust me. You should probably just buy one of these pairs we’ve hand-selected for you, unless you want to spend hours in the darkest corners on the web on sketchy af sites.

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6. Play metal obnoxiously from your beach speaker

If you don’t feel like buying any new swimwear or getting a piercing just for the sake of summer lewks, you can just get a portable speaker and blast Marilyn Manson while laying out for a bronze. As a bonus, you’ll scare all the families away!

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