These $1 flip flops will match perfectly with the way your life is going

As much as we all pretend to hate flip-flops these days, you can’t deny they’re a necessity.

Obvi, you won’t be rocking them with Abercrombie jean capris like you did back in 2002, but you will need a pair when you hit the beach or pool this summer.

Sure, you could wear slides, but sometimes you just yearn to feel a piece of plastic or rubber between your toes, ya know?

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But, because flip-flops are fugly and not even the cutest pair is translatable to an everyday outfit, you def don’t want to drop mad racks on a pair – or any money at all, honestly.

Thankfully, Old Navy is having a $1 flip-flop sale starting on June 24, and you don’t even have to step foot in a mall to grab a pair. Nope, instead of fighting over a cute palm tree printed pair of size 7’s with a soccer mom, you can legit just order a pair online.

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Sure, paying shipping on a $1 item is kind of stupid, but who has time to go to the mall, honestly? Also, people line up outside of Old Navy for hours before they open on the starting day of the sale, according to reports, so you absolutely want to purchase the flip flops (or whatever else) from the comfort of your bed.

If you can manage to save $1 (plus tax, I guess) in your checking account until June 24th, you can buy a nice crappy pair of flip-flops to wear to every pool, beach, and every time you take out the trash this summer! If that doesn’t scream “HAGS” I don’t know what does.

[H/T: Country Living]

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