A Starter Pack For Spending Christmas With Your BF’s Family

There are many perks of having a boyfriend, especially during cuffing season.

However, in my opinion, spending such intimate time with his family as the new gf isn’t one of them. I can barely deal with the havoc of my own family over Christmas time, let alone a whole new clan.

But unless you want to be a raging bitch and tell your sweet lover that you will not be attending his Christmas family singalong, then I recommend using this starter pack to help you break the ice.

1. A Generic Mom Gift

Candles. Candles. Candles. There is nothing that says marriage material more than buying your bf’s mom a candle. Not only do they smell fresh as fuck, but they also make homes homey. It’s a total win-win. Especially because this is the time homeware stores optimize weak shoppers like you who are desperately trying to survive your first bf’s family xmas and therefore will most probably be buying their exclusive (even more expensive) Christmas collection. YAY. I would recommend something with embers, spice and/or pinewood.

2. Baked Goods or Chocolate

Food brings everyone together and Christmas is definitely a time for copious amounts of food. Although this sounds simple, it’s not. You could run the high risk of insulting your boyfriends mom by showing off with your Whole Foods stuffing, as she will 90% be doing most the cooking. I would recommend bringing something simple like sweets or chocolate, no one can say no to some Godiva chocolate truffles.

3. Stuff That Reminds You of Home

Now we need to speak on a more personal note. Although you’re probably a big girl, spending Christmas Eve at someplace other than your own home can be somewhat daunting. Especially if you don’t know his family very well. Bring some of your favorites home items with you, such as your favorite unicorn pj’s, teddy bear (that we all know you still sleep with) or personalized stocking.

4. Christmas Attire 

The main event. You have finally made it hear after all your hard work and fractured thumb from all the Bumble swiping. You have got a man and you really don’t want to ruin it by wearing a sweater saying “jingle his balls” (yes, I did that, and no, it did not go down as “just a joke”). How are you supposed to know what his family’s dress code is on Christmas? Sure you can ask him, but we all know dudes and fashion aren’t so tight. Bring EVERY option you have with you if you’re staying Christmas Eve, that way you can get him to sneak down and check out the deal before you glide down the stairs on point. If you’re not staying Christmas Eve, wear what you would wear to an alumni event. Something like a flippy skirt, tights, blouse and some knee high boots. Works every time.

5. Wine  

Whether this is for your sake or for theirs, it’s imperative you bring a bottle of chardonnay or whatever your heart desires. Alcohol always loosens up a stiff situation. It will help get the conversation flowing and potentially lead to his mom bringing out embarrassing baby photos that both of you can giggle to. A perfect Kodak moment. If you really want to push out the boat, make some egg nog or mulled wine to show your festive spirit.

6. Movies & Music

Christmas day can get awkward, with so much family crammed in one room, there’s bound to be a few frosty moments. This would be a perfect time for you to whip out a classic such as “Polar Express” or “The Santa Clause.” It will also give you a break from explaining to the 12th family member why you do what you do or why you live where you live. If the fam is too 21st Century for a DVD then come prepared with a Spotify Christmas playlist. Michael Buble’s rendition of “White Christmas” is always a crowd pleaser.

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