10 looks that prove bike shorts are the new it-pants

The term “fashionable bike shorts” is no longer an oxymoron.

Bike shorts, like many arbitrary clothing articles, are not typically esteemed for their “hip nature” so much as they are for their practicality. I mean, from a cyclist’s perspective, they’re the shit: comfortable, functional, flexible — what’s not to love? 

Except for the fact that they arguably embody one of the most awkward silhouettes presently in existence. I’m not sure whether it’s the halfway crop or the fact that I can’t not affiliate them with my dad, pre-bike ride.

In either case, they’re back. In a big, big, way actually. And after some research (scrolling through Instagram) and some self-reflection, I’ve come to realize that they’re surprisingly wearable and are really just a cute Summer alternative to the legging, it’s fuller-legged cousin.

Here’s what’s happening:

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1. Kourtney’s breakout Coachella moment


A post shared by Kourtney Kardashian (@kourtneykardash) on

Okay, I thought I’d start with this because let’s be honest: this trend isn’t not because of Yeezy. I mean, we all remember the Kim Clone Kampaign that saw all of your favorite models and influencers dressed like this:


A post shared by lindsey (@lindseypelas) on

And honestly, I feel like this is where the trend really kicked off. This entire campaign and collection basically introduced the idea that bike shorts are a cute, elevated article of clothing, and then reinforced said idea using like 30 different influencers. Check mate, Kanye.

2. This ultra-casual-hoodie-and-bike-short-emphasis-on-the-bike-short situation

While the bike shorts have a relatively muted presence in this outfit, they also simultaneously make the outfit – if that makes sense (it does not). Like, I feel like leggings would have been to easy but the simple black bike shorts make it so interesting. This amazing look also confirms that bike shorts work very well in the context of streetwear.

3. This incredible yellow gray and white moment

Again, bike shorts and streetwear are the happily married couple you kind of anticipated but are also still super surprised to see together. The greatness of this look kind of speaks for itself, but it’s definitely safe to say that bike shorts have never looked this cool.

4. This Kith Sport ensemble

A post shared by Emily Ratajkowski (@emrata) on

If you haven’t already checked out the new Kith sportswear, it’s fire. The collection includes but is not at all limited to dope pieces like these, and seems to be a more literal interpretation of the term “athleisure.” Like, this outfit is arguably just a sports bra and some bike shorts: but it’s a look, nonetheless.

5. And we’ve come full circle


A post shared by Ares (@aresaixala) on

Wait, is this photo not a part of the #YeezySeason6 campaign?

This is super meta given the fact that Ares of @aresaixala has deemed this look a “KardashianMood™.” Truuue. More evidence to back up my aforementioned thesis re Kanye re Kim re Kourtney re this. Trust me, I think the Kardashians get way too much credit when it comes to setting trends: that being said, this one in particular is Characteristically Calabasas™.

6. DUA

Last night of this Asia run. Tokyo 🖤

A post shared by DUA LIPA (@dualipa) on

I saw this look and all but audibly gasped. This is such a great outfit, especially for Tokyo. This is taking the bike short trend and flipping it on its head in the best way: like, sure I’ll wear bike shorts, over a similarly body-conscious moon print bodysuit. As one does.

7. If plaid is the new black, then bike shorts are the new pants

plaid is the new black lol

A post shared by Tamella Konovalova (@tamella_k) on

This is proof that a bike short can be dressed either up or down. This particularly outfit highlights the bike short’s potential to be fancy, and I’m very much into it.

8. See?


A post shared by HEIR JORDYN (@jordynwoods) on

You almost don’t notice them in this pic, but Jordyn Woods styled them almost the same way. They actually work really well with a blazer, some sneakers (if you have the Chanel ones, great. If not, also great) and a cute bag. I’d even argue that this look is—gasp—borderline formal. We’re really making strides here, no pun intended (get it? because they’re bike shorts).

9. Bike shorts + Converse + Crewneck = Potential Spring Uniform

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside..

A post shared by Faye Olivia Waddick (@fayewad) on

This is the perfect example of effectively dressing down the bike short. This outfit is insanely cute and really put together, and could work on almost anyone. Are bike shorts growing on you yet? They are, aren’t they? They are. Don’t lie.

10. Is a vacation flex sans bike shorts really a vacation flex?

Firstly, this teeee. Secondly, these bike shorts.

While gray and black seem to be the people’s colors of choice, this checkerboard is a really good look.

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It’s become painfully clear that bike shorts are our choice clothing article this Spring season, and we may as well embrace it. It’s a versatile trend, to say the least.

You have my official blessing to wear your bike shorts to the beach, to the club, or to a dinner: just maybe not in that order.

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