The 5 new fashion trends you need to try this festival season (yes, it’s still festival season)

The last days of winter are finally thawing out, and you moved your coats inside the storage room. Whether you went to Coachella or not, festival season is officially back! 

For the past month, the return of festivals like Coachella and Stagecoach heralded a new era of festival fashion – especially at Coachella, where more rappers than rockers nabbed the headline slot. Not only is the shift in music evident from the get-go, the attendee fashion has really evolved, too.

If you are planning to hit other festivals, your girl’s got you covered for the five hottest trends that you need to try whether you’re rolling around in the mud at Glasto, moshing at the (final) Warped Tour or digging your toes in the sand at Hang Out.

1. Off to the Races


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Looking like a biker babe has never felt this fresh. As Instagram brands (e.g. I AM GIA) have been turning at least more than 50 percent of the population into Ali G wannabes, you can avoid looking like a basic by tucking your tracksuit away.

This season, try swapping your hoodie for a biker tee á la Taylor Hill. You can either pair it with a miniskirt (like Hill) or cutoff shorts, which look badass with a pair of combat boots.

Bamba Swim Racing 2.0 crop tee – $79 AUD ($59.77 USD)

Paradised GT Tee – $88

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2. Rainbow a Go Go

Acid rain

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I’m not a regular mom I’m a cool mom

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Since last year, Kylie Jenner has been trying to make neon hair happen at Coachella. This time around, one half of Simi & Haze decided to dip her strands in highlighter yellow dye. Compared to the past beauty trends of festival season that were either polarizing (hello, cultural appropriation!) or basic (e.g. flower crowns), this one is non-offensive, fun and incredibly innovative!

If you plan to do the tips or one section, you can simply get it bleached, attach an extension or rub a gel dye on it. If you plan to go all the way, just get a wig!

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3. Puffy Shoulders

Huff, puff and your shoulders are gone in a poof! Hidden by oversized chicken wing-like sleeves, the poufy shoulder top is strangely flattering, feminine, and incredibly fresh in a sea of sweatshirts.

While most of those Princess Di-esque tops scream “mom chic” (in a bad way), you can pair it with a pair of bootcut jeans for a slice of country girl chic or PVC pants for a badass, yet eclectic twist.

Pretty Little Thing Lace Plunge crop top – $10.50


Stone Cold Fox Bond crop – $95

4. Thin Gold Necklaces

pre-cardi lunchin 🌭🍋🌵

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Delicate gold jewelry is the new choker. Versatile, easy to layer and effortlessly stylish, you have the freedom to play with size. From the thinnest chain necklace to the biggest pair of hoop earrings, you can get away by piling them together for a “more is more” mood.

If Gigi Hadid has already been spotted putting on a bookshelf’s amount of necklaces on her neck, it’s proof that this is not the trend to sleep on. You can either wear it with a bodysuit like the former Galore cover girl or a striped shirt like Miley Cyrus.

Frasier Sterling Summer Love prelayer – $43


Stella and Bow Koko star necklace – $100 

5. Chunky Soled Boots

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Your favorite childhood staple (read: chunky soled shoes) is back with a vengeance. As puberty has forced you to toss aside your Docs, you regret trading them in for Stan Smiths to avoid being mocked by the popular kids. Now that they’re seeing chunky robber soles stomping the streets, they will regret making fun of you for being so fashion forward.

If you want try this trend, a chunky sole can make or break a look. Play against soft silhouettes (e.g. a white puffy sleeve top) like Sami Miro or go extra like Destiny’s Child, whose GI Jane-themed costume in “Survivor” became a classic since 2001.

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UNIF Dada Boot – $138

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