This makeup for your hair is fun af, but also life-changing

I originally wanted to check out the Prism Airbrush Spray by Hush because of 2018 festival beauty trends – colorful hair is back in a big way. 

The brand, carried at the king, Sephora, creates colored hair sprays for all of your “I wish I had pink hair but just for a day” needs. The line includes seven colors, including blue, purple, and red.

Since we all tried to dye our hair for the month of July using Kool Aid mix and it always ended horribly, I have a bad taste in my mouth about temporary coloring. But, with Hush, the unique colors are, admittedly, really awesome for a night out, a festival, a birthday, or just to try out a new color that you’d never try permanently.

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Upon trying out the Prism Airbrush Sprays, I noticed that the feel of them was surprisingly soft and thin – they weren’t thick and still like most (yknow, the ones that are super hairspray-like). You can spray these on, go about your day, and not worry about your hair feeling like a crinkled mess.

Also, these sprays work on all hair colors and hair types. It’s hard to find any hair products that are versatile and inclusive, so it’s refreshing that something so fun can be for everyone!

Hush also has a line of sprays called Fill Seekers. The line contains different colors to match your hair color, including medium brown, which I personally tried.

This Fill Seeker is meant to be used for hair plumping and fuller hair, and honestly, helps with filling in roots that maybe don’t match the rest of your head.

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This formula basically felt like a light dry shampoo that had the same effects – the Fill Seeker made my hair feel like it had volume and gave me an all over bombshell effect. This effect was also heightened when my hair was additionally blown out.

Not bad for a little bottle of spray.

I definitely recommend this brand to you if you’re looking to add a little excitement to your beauty routine without the commitment, or if you’re in need of a solution for fuller hair. If you want to check out Hush, click here to see their Sephora collection.

Photos courtesy of Hush

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