10 natural “no-makeup makeup” beauty looks to try this spring

I can finally say, sans irony or contempt, that Spring has arrived (I wouldn’t go so far as to say that Spring has sprung, but that’s probably just because it sounds corny).

Spring is the perfect time to switch up your look. With a new season usually comes newfound inspiration, and a certain je ne sais quoi that makes us all want to look and feel reborn (for lack of a better, much less dramatic word).

The sun coming out also makes the Spring an awesome time to try all of the bright, crazy makeup looks you’ve been seeing people in LA pull off all year round. That being said though, Spring is also a great time to take advantage of natural, glowey and dewey makeup looks.

They’re an awesome way to transition from the cold to the warm(er) days, and are easy for much easier for beginners (like myself) to recreate . Here are some gorgeous, natural Spring beauty looks that any and everyone can pull off:

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👼🏼✨ hiiiiiiiiiiii

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Blogger and IG gal Madeleine Rose shared this photo a couple of days ago on the gram, where she looks super chill, natural and golden.

Sure the perfect tan helps, but she also seems to have taken advantage of some beautiful bronzer and blush (two Spring staples that, as you will see, make many reappearances in this post).

This is the ultimate “no makeup makeup” look if you ask me: at first glance, homegirl just looks as though she has the world’s best skin and universe’s rosiest cheeks (not to mention, the coolest hair ever).

But as cruelty-free makeup blogger Olivya reveals in the caption, a lot more went into this look than it seems, including some of your favorite products from Milk Makeup, Nyx Cosmetics, Kat Von D, Milani Cosmetics, Fenty Beauty and of course, Anastasia.

A post shared by @aniamilczarczyk on

A post shared by @aniamilczarczyk on

If we’re talking natural makeup looks, we have to talk about Australian makeup artist Ania Milczarczyk.

She is one of the first MUAs I fell in love with, because of her ability to truly master the glowy skin, bright-eyed rosy cheek look for every complexion. If you’re looking for any basic formula to follow with regards to your makeup this season, look no further than Ania’s gram.

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Kiana Alexis is already a naturally beauty model, but this beauty look is effortless while stunning. In this photo, Kiana rocks bushy brows, glossy nude lips and a bright inner eye highlight.

The same makeup artist, Jose Corella, is responsible for this gorgeous look as well:

Wowww. This look truly lets you bring the sun with you wherever you go.

See the full product breakdown in the caption above.

Caption says it all: there’s no denying that red and pink are natural affiliates for Spring – a strong blush, brow and eyeshadow look like the one above is all you really need these days.

Giselle Ali is a celebrity makeup artist specializing in darker skin tones. All of her work is amazing, but this look on the Lejonhjärta twins for Drake’s “Nice for What,” music video is some of her best work.

The twins are glowing from the inside out, thanks to some products listed in the caption.

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This look is absolutely one for the books. This is one for those 75-and-sunny-nothing-but-blue-skies-sun-sets-at-8-pm sort of days. Balance a statement brow and a bright inner eye with soft rosy cheeks and a shimmery highlight all over ya damn face.

Consider “bronzed glow and peachy cheeks”  Spring’s official subtitle.

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