I spent my vacation bringing water to remote communities and so can you

Cambrie Schroder is an actress, model, fitness guru and budding activist. She recently spent time in Guatemala with the charity Wells of Hope, helping to bring water to remote communities. Here is her story in her own words.

My family and I recently spent a week in Guatemala with a charity called Wells of Hope.

Their mission is to drill water for communities that have no access to clean water. I worked with them years ago, but this trip was different for me as I was able to conceptualize the immense amount of need and inequality.

The people who live in the city have a good quality of life. They live in finished houses or apartments next to malls and stores with nice cars and plenty of food and water.

But the indigenous people in the mountains less than 30 minutes away are suffering with little to no water and hardly any food to eat. They are starving and in desperate need of help. Many children are left on the streets as parents can’t feed them and if they are lucky enough, they get taken in by an orphanage.

People make homes and find any scraps of food in the garbage. No human should ever have to live in those conditions. How does this happen? How can we help? Why are the circumstances we are born into so unfair? How have I been given so much while they have been given so little? These are questions I asked myself over and over again when looking at the cutest little kids living in the trash and stuck in orphanages.

We need to be aware, be grateful and help those who have zero access to anything. Its our job to take initiative and do everything with others in mind. Here are some of my favorite pictures from our trip. Please check out Wells of Hope if you want to help.

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