Sorry, But You’re Twice as Likely to Be Cheated On As You Thought

What’s a relationship without trust?

It’s a lot of fighting, going through each other’s phones, and essentially being miserable.

Because of this, we force ourselves to trust our partners, even if deep down we’re a little sketched. Nobody wants to be the one that’s always looking over their partner’s shoulder, and sometimes you just have to let it go if you want to actually have a good time instead of arguing every five seconds.

Unfortunately, this mindset has probs led to lots of us getting fucked over. Out of 200 people aged 17-32, 9% admitted to cheating, whereas only 5% believed that their partners had the potential to cheat on them, according to a new study.

Yes, both nine and five are small numbers. But the 9% could actually be higher IRL since some people may still not admit to cheating, and 9% is still almost double 5%. Translation: our partners are twice as likely to cheat on us as we thought.

Fuck our lives, right? Right when we finally decided to be chill and let go of our bae liking other chicks’ Instagram photos or occasionally staying out until 4 a.m. with “the boys,” this study had to come around and bite us all in the ass.

The weirder thing (because people being cheating assholes isn’t that weird) is that 90% of people agreed that they’d want to know if their partner cheated. Yay for honesty and shit, but tbh ignorance is sometimes bliss as long as you’ll never find out. Don’t ask, don’t tell, ya know? You’ll never have to find out about that one time bae kissed a local in Cancun, and they’ll never have to find out about the time you downloaded Tinder and sent a nude when you were pissed off. You can both go on and live happily ever after without knowing those little things.

Regardless, relationships suck, monogamy sucks, everything kind of sucks sometimes. We all seem to have certain things that will bring us to cheat, for example if Justin Bieber walked up to you and told you he was DTF. All you can do is hope that your partner is not one of the peeps that is twice more likely to cheat, and get on with your life. Being more untrusting and paranoid is just going to make you crazy.

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