Slayyyter blesses her fans with the deluxe version of her latest album, Starfucker (deluxe) – “Starfucker,” “Makeup (feat. Lolo Zouaï),” and “James Dean.” Fans who attended the recent Club Valentine headlining tour experienced the latter live, as well as a special performance of “Makeup” with Lolo Zouaï at The Novo in Los Angeles. On the deluxe album, Slayyyter shares, “I wanted to do a deluxe of new songs fans haven’t
heard and things that haven’t leaked. I think it’s a nice continuation of this era, everything fits into the album and tells more of the story. The visuals and sonic direction for the music has been so much fun to play with, I want to keep this era going for a while.” Stream/download HERE.

We chat with Slayyyter about her sophomore album, her beauty routine, and more! Catch her on Tour this Feb. Read our full Interview below.

Upcoming Slayyyter Performances:
February 11, 2024 – Dublin, County Dublin – 3Olympia Theatre
February 13, 2024 – Glasgow, Scotland – SWG3 Studio Warehouse SOLD OUT
February 14, 2024 – Manchester, England – O2 Ritz Manchester
February 17, 2024 – London, England – O2 Forum Kentish Town

Featured Interview:

Tell us about your new album “Starfucker“?

It’s my favorite thing I’ve ever made. It lives in its own cinematic universe with all the great 80s erotic thrillers – it’s bold and cohesive but all the songs feel like their own. I’m so proud of it. I think it’s a really cool pop album.   

What was the inspiration and who did you make this for?

I had a long relationship end that served as a lot of inspiration. Watching old Hollywood movies really inspired the glamour I wanted the music and visuals to exude. 80s and 90s Mugler couture shows, golden age Hollywood actresses, vintage furniture. I was inspired by a lot of things. And overall, I really made this album for myself. I wanted to craft a pop era that would have made 17-year-old me turn into a stan if I were watching it unfold on Tumblr back in the day.  

What makes a Star and do you feel like a future Hollywood Queen?

 Real-star quality is an indescribable factor. It’s having stage presence and natural coolness. I feel like you can be a great singer or dancer and still not be a real star. There’s so much content thrown at everyone right now, but what always piques my interest is artists who exude that kind of coolness without having to tell people they deserve to blow up or whatever. And yes, I do feel like a future Hollywood queen!   

Who are your Sheroes?

My mom is one of my heroes. She took care of me and my sister with no help. I have a complicated family backstory, but my mom is a very strong woman. She always inspires me.  

What advice would you give your 16-year-old self?

Stop worrying about whether or not your peers like you. Stop caring about what other people think.  

How is your creativity disrupting the Fashion and Music scene?

I think I’m very anti trend. I do my own thing. I feel like people get so wrapped up in dressing in line with internet subcultures but it’s more fun to create your own. This album was about referencing old Hollywood and classic glamour. 80s business suits. 80s and 90s post-modern furniture. I wanted to build my own world around this album that included fashion and interior design.

Growing up, who inspired you the most?

My mother! The great pop stars of our generation as well. Janet, Britney Spears, Madonna.   

What is your Glam Routine?

I’m really into my skincare routine. Good skincare, sunscreen, light-tinted SPF, blush, and lip liner. I wear less makeup these days.

What lyric on the new record hits close to home?

I think from Out of Time, “she hates herself but if they all love her then she doesn’t mind”   

What is next for you?

Make another great pop record. Spend some time in Miami for a while. 

Featured Interview:

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