Skilla Baby doesn’t want to be known just as a Detroit artist. His music style, the artists he collaborates with and where he sees himself in the future is beyond anything we’ve seen before from any artist from Detroit. In our new interview Skilla Baby talks about music, sports his favorite colognes and much more. So, if you’re obsessed with him as much as we are, keep reading below:  


You’ve spoken about how difficult it is to please all of your audience types as an artist. You make music for women, music that appeals to younger people, as well as street music that applies to older people. How as an artist do you balance these demographics and try to make everyone happy?  

I go into the studio and talk about whatever life experiences I’m going through at the moment. So, with my music being able to relate to different demographics and cultures it’s because they can relate to what I’m experiencing in my life at the moment.  

Do you have a preference on which style of music you like to create the most?  

I don’t know, it really just depends on what day it is honestly. Or where I’m at location wise when I’m making music. I think when I’m home in Detroit, I make gritter music, if I’m recording in Miami the music might be more fun and if I’m in New York my music is probably more fast paced. But I don’t have a certain type of music I like to make over the other, I try to create everything, sometimes it turns out good and sometimes it may not, but you don’t have to put all of that music out.  

You once said that you’d prefer your career to go slower than fast. Why do you feel that way?  

I think when you put more time into making music you get to see what does and doesn’t work overtime. When you put more time and effort into making music it has more substance to it.  

Courtesy of Skilla Baby’s Instagram

As of right now, do you think you have any music in your catalog that’s timeless?  

I think time will tell for real. I don’t listen to myself. Only because I’m still creating, so after I put it out, I feel like it’s done. I don’t try to dwell on the past, I’m trying to keep creating, growing and evolving with the world. I listen to my projects a few times to see how it flows, to make sure I like it, then I’m moving on with writing and creating my next project.

So, you’re already working on something else even though you just released your latest project, “The Coldest”?  

Definitely, I’m always working on something. I never want to stop creating until I’m done making music. That’s why I don’t like to dwell on the past, I just want to keep moving forward. I have tunnel vision.  

I was just talking to Future last night and he said that’s what he does, just keep going like he hasn’t just made new music and he keeps making it fun for himself.  

You once said that you prefer your career to move slower than go super-fast, why do you feel like that?

I’ve always felt like the faster things come the quicker it goes. So, I prefer the slow grind and maybe my longevity will be long lasting, instead of being here today and gone tomorrow. I don’t want that for myself.  

Courtesy of Skilla Baby’s Instagram

How did you cultivate your own rap style?  

I think I added Detroit production along with a mixture of old and new school music. I think my rap style is real witty. I listened to a lot of New York artists growing up too. Detroit is really fast paced, and we talk fast but I have never been able to talk or rap fast like that. 

 I’m more of a slow talker. I think Detroit artists are very diverse and we all have our own unique sound and flow. Veeze, me and Ray don’t sound alike. Dugg, Sada, Tee, all sound different so to me, you can’t really pinpoint Detroit music right now.  

You just released your latest project, “The Coldest”. How long did it take you to complete this project?  

It took me about 2 years.  

What’s your favorite song on this project currently?  

I don’t have any favorite songs. I like different songs on different days… But if I had to choose, right now it would be “Bulletproof”.  

That’s my favorite song on this project as well. Followed by “Whole Package” with Flo Milli. I think a music video would be fire!  

Yeah, we were supposed to link in Miami and do a video for “Whole Package“, but she had a show, and we couldn’t link up to shoot it.  

For anyone who’s never heard a Skilla Baby song, what’s the first one you would play for them?  

It depends on what demographic they are in. For you, I would play “Bae” or “Gorgeous”. Really whatever song I feel would resonate with you. Since you’re also from Detroit, I’d probably play “Tay B Style” or “Duck Yo Taco” if you like Bulletproof, you’ll probably like those too. Or maybe “Icky Vicky Vibes”, it’s more witty.  

Courtesy of Skilla Baby’s Instagram

You have a new song with Da Baby as well as a new visual for the song “Judy”. Tell us about how this collaboration came about.  

The song came about when I met him when I got booked for a show in North Carolina. He was a cool guy, so we instantly started making moves. I sent him a song and he jumped on it, and I did the same thing when he sent me a song. He told me he wanted to shoot the video and set everything up.  

The process of shooting the video was unexplainable. He is one of the most creative people I know. I’m constantly learning from him, he’s the type of guy that wants to teach you. And he’s an overall great guy to me.  

You’ve spoken about how Anita Baker is one of your favorite artist ever. If you could sample any of her songs which would it be?  

I wouldn’t sample none of them. But if I had to choose it would be “You Bring Me Joy”. That’s one of my favorite Anita Baker songs of all time. But it wouldn’t be anything without her voice. Her voice is the instrument so without it the song wouldn’t be the same. I think her music is flawless and should be left untouched.  

When you’re not working & are at home what are some of your favorite things to do?  

I like to watch sports, rather it be the NFL or NBA. I really just like to chill when I’m at home.

You’ve mentioned how you’re getting into real estate. Tell us about how you started getting into real estate and what your dream property would be to purchase.  

I’m actually trying to buy a hotel right now, so I’d say that would be my dream property to purchase. How I got into it was seeing a lot of street guys in Detroit investing their money into houses since it’s easy and smart. They aren’t making any more land, so property is a smart investment to me.  

I’m still in the beginning stages but I’m learning a lot. Working with the Detroit City Council, other real estate owners and I’m going to have a meeting with Dan Gilbert soon. I’ve been buying property only in Detroit right now, I feel like our housing market is booming right now.  

Courtesy of Skilla Baby’s Instagram

You’re hosting an event in your hometown Detroit giving away free makeovers to young girls at your high school alma mater. Tell us about this event and why you decided to do it.  

I’m paying for a bunch of young girls to go to prom throughout Detroit. For the last couple years, I’ve been paying for 5 girls and their dates to go to prom. I didn’t go to my own prom because I got in trouble at school lol, but I remember the struggle girls had affording to go to their own prom. So, I’d like to reward students who’ve done well in school and need assistance paying for it.  

You’ll be throwing the first pitch at the upcoming Detroit Tigers opening game. How do you feel about doing this for the first time?  

I’m into baseball and my favorite player of all time is Barry Bonds. I remember watching Justin Verlander when he was on the Detroit Tigers, and he was my favorite pitcher growing up. This is something I’ve always wanted to experience. Next, I want to experience a hockey and soccer game. I love sports.  

What’s your favorite Cologne?  

Ooh, that’s a random question! It depends on the week, it’s from the same brand that makes Baccarat, Maison Francis Kurkdjian called Amyris. Or Masculin Pluriel. On certain occasions I like 1 Million by Rabanne too. Then I have Lafayette Street by Bond No. 9 NYC. I also like Hamptons by that same brand. I have a lot of colognes that I like. I could go on and on about cologne, I love cologne lol.  

If you could only pick one of those colognes to wear for the rest of your life which one, would it be?  

I can’t pick lol, I like to switch it up too much. I never just go with one, I really love cologne so much!  

Courtesy of Skilla Baby’s Instagram

Your favorite high-end designer?  

It was Amiri’s but I’m not into them as much as I used to be. I’m not sure what I’m really into now but I am trying to broaden my fashion style. I’d rather be creative on my own than hire a stylist.  

What’s your favorite piece of jewelry that you own?  

Right now, probably my Richard Millie watch. Or my dad’s memory pendant.  

Squeezed or slice cheese on your chili cheese fries?  


Faygo or Vernors pop? 

I don’t really like pop. I only really drink Vernors when I need to settle my stomach.  

What do you have planned for this summer?  

I have some good news I can’t share yet, but I am going on tour with Rob49 starting June 1st, about 20 cities.  

Photographer: Jordan Perez


Feature Editor: Taylor Winter Wilson (@taylorwinter)

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