This infamous pop culture Instagrammer recreated Paris and Nicole’s closet

The word “iconic” is honestly pretty annoying and I’m forbidden by our editor to use it, but in this case, I just have to.

The reason I have to is because there’s no other word that comes close to describing the women in pop culture in the 90s and 2000s. Lindsay Lohan, Pamela Anderson, Paris and Nicole, Britney, Beyonce, The Spice Girls, Brandy, you name it. It was an amazing time to be alive, and if I could hop in a time machine, I’d go back to my first concert: Britney Spears’ Dream Within a Dream Tour in 2001 a.k.a one of the most memorable performances of my life.

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And there’s one place I go to on Instagram when I’m looking for some 2000s-era inspiration, and if you haven’t heard of or taken a peek at this Instagram… are you okay?

This Instagram is known as @shesvague, and it’s basically an archive of your wildest dreams. It consists of photos and screenshots of your favorite pop culture icons in film, fashion, art, entertainment, doing a variety of “iconic” things, like leaving the club blackout drunk. And these photos aren’t just photos, but a way to share the freedom, sexuality, and originality of each of these women.

Recently @shesvague had the opportunity to collaborate with Melbourne based vintage retailer @IRVRSBL. With the style and inspiration from @shesvague and insane vintage pieces from the @IRVRSBL collection, they were able to create a shoot that was fun, glamorous, and fierce all at the same time.

Although TBH it’s hard to see the clothing as “vintage” seeing as it’s all stuff that’s popular right now. Fashion! It’s crazy like that.

I had the pleasure of interviewing @shesvague and asking her about the story behind her account and what she aims to do with it. Throughout the article are photos you can check out from the shoot between her and the @IRVRSBL collection.

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Paris or Nicole, and why?

I love both Paris and Nicole but I always have to choose Paris because she is one of the most iconic people in pop culture history. Paris has built a brand and an empire through the glamorous lifestyle of being young and wealthy in America. This is so inspiring and fascinating to me. I’m completely drawn in by her fame, fortune and sex appeal.

What was the first concert you ever went to?

The first concert I ever went to was the Pussy Cat Dolls with Lady Gaga as the headliner. I was 13 and it changed my life for the better.


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From the Olsen twins to R&B icons, what makes these women influential to you and why?

The majority of the women I post are enshrouded in controversy because they simply don’t want to conform both in fashion and with their behaviors,  which I admire so deeply. These women are openly saying to the world, “I don’t want to be part of the mainstream,” and are only ever their true authentic selves, which is incredibly fearless and empowering. These women allow themselves the permission to be whoever they want to be. They inspire me to do what makes me feel beautiful, glam and sexy.

What was your favorite item or clothing style from the 90’s/2000’s that you want to come back?

I’d love whale tail and tramp stamps to come back. Visibly showing both of these at the same time is the ultimate look.

How did you go about planning a shoot with @IRVRSBL, and what was that experience like for you?

Clare Ferra who owns @IRVRSBL suggested the idea of collaborating on a shoot together and I immediately agreed to it! I’ve been a huge fan of her brand for quite a while and her archive is absolutely incredible. We wanted the shoot to be as “She’s Vague” as possible. Glam, trash and sex. Both of our ideas combined created something so amazing! The experience was so fun and interesting. I’m hoping to collaborate on a lot more in the future.

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What is the meaning behind the name @shesvague? Are there multiple meanings?

She’s Vague is a bored wealthy housewife. She knows what she wants, who she is and how she’s going to live her life.


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What’s a message you hope to send to women through your archive of photos? 

She’s Vague promotes women’s empowerment in pop culture, fashion, art, film and entertainment. The images and videos I share celebrate sexuality, freedom and individuality without being subject to objectification and dehumanization. I want to challenge the repressive, unequal dominant culture and believe that each woman’s desires are her own and every woman has the right to express her gender and sexuality any way she chooses. Take from She’s Vague what you need. If you want to feel confident, find beauty, or even an outfit to wear to the club.

And last but note least, how do you go about choosing these photos?

I find my images on forums and blogs that date back to 2004 and earlier, random google searches like “2007 Myspace bimbo.” I go through pages and pages of Tumblr archives and Pinterest also has a goldmine of amazing early 2000’s looks.

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