How to turn a weed meme into a makeup look

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Here to school you on your makeup skills and coincidentally, your selfie game is Aquaria with an all new About Face. The esteemed queen that has been gracing the New York City drag scene does it all, hosting parties, knocking out performances, and slaying her looks each and every damn time.

Having made appearances throughout Pride and all over New York in general, it’s doubtful to say you don’t already know who Aquaria is. Despite a few letters, the queen’s name is not to be confused with the astrological sign we assume Aquaria is named after. With that said, we can’t really argue with the traits — “independent, original and eccentric,” according to Cafe Astrology. See Aquaria prove it throughout the looks below.

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I’ve recently done quite a few looks inspired by memes and reinterpret them into a beautiful drag look. In the past I’ve done looks inspired by beauty guru James Charles, Nazaré Tedesco confusa, and Kim Kardashian baking, to name a few.

For this mini series, I’ve created three looks inspired by the “wyd after smoking this” meme which basically pokes fun at extreme blunts. I chose to take this concept and expand it to cigarettes and hard drugs in the following two looks. For the record I do not condone cigarettes and especially not hard drugs, but I wanted to use these forms of smoking to inspire the looks.

The green look uses lots of stones, bright and creative Sugarpill eyeshadow colors and is topped off with a chunky glitter lip and irritated eyes.

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The cigarette look is my old Hollywood take on a glamorous smokey eye using the Secret Love Affair pallet from The Makeup Shack with a glossy black lip inspired by the harmful tar that builds up from these smoking cancer sticks.

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The third look is inspired by the whacked out expressions, skin texture and deterioration inspired by the Faces Of Meth drug prevention project. Moral of the story… don’t smoke, kids! And never stop being inspired.

Photography by Aquaria

Story by Brandon Tan

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