If you like clothes as black as your soul you’re going to love this brand

Fashion is having a major 80s moment. Maybe not with the actual clothing pieces themselves, but with the maximalism styling that you’re seeing everywhere from Beyoncé’s Instagram to the patent leather skirt on the mannequins at Zara.

For some of us, maximalism is great. We can forget to take off one accessory before leaving the house and pile on a zillion mismatched layers to ensure we stand out at an event. But for the rest of us? We’re completely content wearing all black, all basics, and keeping it cool like an off-duty super model.

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But what’s a minimalist to do in a world where Forever 21 slaps a zillion graphics on what was once a cute bomber jacket? If you’re needing some cool girl black pieces in your life, check out Scandinavian brand North.

The brand literally only makes clothes in black, so when your BFF suggests you buy something in a bright color for once, you can just tell her it wasn’t an option!

“I wanted everybody to be able to look good on the beach wearing a little black bikini, no matter the body type,” designer and founder Mary Loise Brangstrup explained to Galore. “Everybody needs a perfect black bikini… and a little black dress.”

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Besides, who doesn’t love wearing black and revert to anything black as their go-to lewk?

“It’s flattering, it’s easy to match, [and] you can wear it for years,” she adds.

When asked if she’d ever consider adding color to her line, she says she’s though about it, but she’s not sure how much color she’d add. Maybe it could be like that OG mall store Black House White Market where they had rando color appearances?

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The brand presented their all-black swimwear at Funkshion Swim Week in Miami alongside other Scandinavian designers. Her Scandinavian style tip for Americans? “Less is more.”

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