The sneaky ways 80s fashion is influencing your 90s aesthetic

Over the past few years, the fashion world has been flooded with different elements of what most think is “90’s fashion.”

You can go to any clothing website, look under trends, and one of the first trends you will see is “grunge” or “90s grunge.” But what people aren’t realizing is that many of the trends we are beginning to follow are completely from the 80’s.

The 80’s were all about “maximalism,” an aesthetic filled with wild, bold, shiny and striking clothing. Basically, any article of clothing was maximized af.

And ever since Alessandro Michele took over at Gucci, clothing has been becoming more and more extra. After years of normcore boredom, extra is in. Here’s a list of the most popular trends for Summer 2017 that are straight out of the 80’s. These items are essential if you wanna kill the fashion game this summer. Beware if you are a minimalist.

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1. Stripes/Pinstripes

Remember pinstripe jeans? They were HUGE in the 80s. Now those stripes are back, but they aren’t just on jeans. Striped culottes, striped wide leg pants and even striped skirts are almost everywhere you look. No such thing as looking like a clown these days!

2. Sequins

Sequins, sequins, sequins GALORE! Have you ever seen a photo of girls partying in the 80’s? They were probably wearing some sort of sequin clothing. Sequins can be frowned upon, but its 2017 and you can wear whatever you want. Whether you’re attending a cocktail party or a music festival, you can rock those sequins however you’d like.

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3. Neon clothing

When you hear the term “80s”, what’s the first thing you think of? Bright ass neon colors is what you think of. Guess what? They’re back. Pair a cute pink bodysuit with some high waisted wide leg pants, and you’re a show stopper. Stop in your local Forever 21 and you might feel like you’ve gone back in time, because they’re everywhere.

Neon | TRF editorial now available online and in-store #zaratrf #zaraeditorial

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4. Patent Leather

A few years ago, you might’ve veered away from wearing a bright red patent leather skirt. Well, not anymore! Patent leather skirts and boots are everywhere, and they’re the perfect touch to any simple fit you want to make shine.

5. Mom Jeans

Watch any TV show or ad from the 80’s, and you’ll see girls and guys wearing their mom jeans with a belt and t-shirt tucked in. Mom jeans are HOT. They’re great for showing off your booty and they aren’t as constricting as skinny jeans. Wear them with a crop top or graphic tee you got the ultimate classic 80s look.

6. Fishnet/Mesh

See that girl wearing ripped boyfriend jeans? Look a little closer, and she’s wearing fishnets underneath. Madonna was the ultimate icon for rocking fishnet, whether she wore a tight fishnet top under a graphic tee or fishnet tights to add some flare. Fishnet bodysuits, shorts, and even fishnet unitards are in.

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7. Ruffles

Looking at old albums of proms in the 80s is pretty painful, but what’s on every girl’s prom dress? Ruffles. Ruffles have taken the fashion world by storm within the past two years, with designers like Gucci and Balenciaga being the main supporters of their revival. Collared shirts with flared ruffle sleeves, and even ruffle pants are in. Ruffle it up, girl.

8. Abstract Prints/Stark Contrasts

In the 80’s, all you needed was your neon leggings, legwarmers, and a bold print on top to be the funkiest girl on the dancefloor. Bold, stark contrasts such as checkerboard print and color-block clothing are on fire right now. How many times a day do you see someone wearing checkered vans? I’m wearing them right now.

@theglitterygoose looking extra fab in our rainbow flam dress🔥💘👸🏼💜 #jadedbabes

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9. Embellishments

Jean jackets covered in studded designs were the shit in the 80’s. Watch Pretty in Pink and almost any jacket Molly Ringwald wears is covered in embellishments. Look at Gucci Spring 2017, and there’s literally jean jackets with Gucci studded on the back, along with a handful of intricate embellishments.

Free in denim | New man editorial. Denim with embroidered floral motifs #zaraman #zaraeditorial

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10. Floral

Floral pants, dresses, skirts and shirts were a big trend in the 80s. If you wanted to be sweet and simple, you could wear a floral dress. If you wanted to be cute and bold, you could wear your floral printed mom jeans and a crop top. If you wanted to be summery, you could wear your button up tropical shirt with hibisci all over them. A touch of floral can make any boring outfit adorable.

11. Off The Shoulder

Show them shoulders, girl! Right now is a beautiful time for off the shoulder dresses and blouses. After all, it’s summer and they’ve never been more in. This photo of Kelly Kapowski’s outfit looks like something I just saw a girl wearing on the street.

⚡️ OOTD @MissRachelAlice is too much 🔥 in the Norah bardot crop, Zahara skirt + Kellie aviators 💕💕 #ootd #stylegoals #gingham

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12. Oval Sunnies

Okay, so oval sunglasses are definitely pretty 90’s, but they were also around in the 80’s! They were basically revamped to be bigger and more dramatic in the 90’s. Check out these sunnies from the 80’s!! Look familiar?

@paige_m_mahoney wears “cobain” #giantvintage #sunglasses

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