Where to buy bikinis if you’re still mourning the loss of Victoria’s Secret swim

Victoria’s Secret officially stopped selling swimwear, which is kind of insane since every girl owned a VS bikini (or 10) at some point in her life. I had friends who legit didn’t know where else they could buy cute bikinis.

But VS shut down its swim department, and we’ve been forced to move on. Other brands have stepped into the swimwear space and it’s become a bigger market with more trends and crazy silhouettes, and less fabric – on bikini bottoms in particular.

But if you depended on VS for boob-boosting bikinis or bandeaus with detachable straps, you might still feel a void in your summer shopping agenda. Or, maybe you’re wearing your trusty VS tanga bottoms to death and they’re pilled and bound to rip on your next beach weekend. Either way, here are some places to check out to find similar bikinis.

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1. The iconique bandeau


Lolli Swim Twist Bikini Top, $56 Seafolly Vintage Wildflower Bustier Bikini Top, $95

Nothing will truly replace the twist bikini top from VS that every girl owned in 2010, but these are two solid options. The first is similar to their classic twist bandeau, and the second is just like the push-up bandeau they used to sell like hotcakes.

2. The boob boosters


Crochet Lady Lace Push-Up Bikini, $130

Pushup bras aren’t cool these days, and neither are pushup bikini tops, but if you prefer some padding you’ve got to do you. Besides, if you’ve got big boobs you’re going to have a miserable beach day if you rock a bikini top with no support at all. It’s tougher to find tops like these nowadays, but Beach Bunny still has a cute one.


3. The subtle boob boosters


Beach Bunny Hard Summer Triangle Top, $110

Like a good facetuner, VS bikinis were all about being sneaky. Sure, they had the very obvious push-up tops that looked like bras, but they also had the triangle push-up tops that to the naked eye looked like a regular old bikini top. If you like a little oomph but don’t want the world to know you’re wearing a padded bikini, try one of these classic Beach Bunny tops on for size. It’s not quite padded, but it’s got just enough oomph to make your boobies look spectacular.


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4. The pin-up style


Lolli Springtime Underwired Bikini Top, $33 Montce Swim Cabana Top, $139, Maaji Brick House Top, $70

VS had a plethora of styles that they dubbed “pin-up style.” Generally they involved some form of under-wiring, the hems lined in a contrasting color, or a semi-high waisted bottom. These suits all fit the bill – and the first one is on sale!


5. The thong-hybrid bottom


Montce Swim Uno Bottom, $73 Lolli Swim Sugar Bikini Bottom, $53

Remember back in the day when VS was one of the first places you could buy a thong hybrid bikini bottom besides a rando boutique in Miami? Well, those days are gone because cheeky bikini bottoms have gone mainstream, but it can still be tough to find the perfect almost thong, you know? You don’t want a total G-string, but you want some major cheek.


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6. The ridic one piece you added to your cart, but never actually bought


Blue Life Infinity One Piece, $154 Aguaclara Rednegra One Piece, $199

Another thing that always happened in the VS days? You’d see some killer cut-out one piece on the cover of their catalogue, but you’d forget about it because back in the early 2000s the only people who wore one pieces were trying to cover up their C-section scars. Or maybe glam moms – but not you and your friends who shopped at Abercrombie. And now that one pieces are chic, VS is dunzo with bikinis. Thankfully a bunch of other brands are stepping in.


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