Shenseea Showcases Female Empowerment in her Latest Single “Curious” and will Debut at Coachella

Chinsea Linda Lee, known professionally as Shenseea, is a Jamaican musician. Shenseea has been releasing hit after hit since her 2017 breakout, including collaborations with Young Thug, Calvin Harris, Charlie Puth, WizKid, Christina Aguilerra, among others. Her debut Album, Alpha, showcases a mixture of Shenseea’s musical range. The multi-genre artist syntheizes R&B, pop, reggae, dancehall, & rap. Stacked with featured including with Megan Thee Stallion, 21 Savage, Tyga, Sean Paul, and Offset, Alpha debuted at #2 on Billboard’s Reggae Album chart. The Jamaican wordsmith shows us what grit and female empowerment looks like. She takes the mic and leaves you in awe and and with new songs to stream on your playlists. If you aren’t mashing up your parties with Shenseea then what are you doing?

The legendary artists brings us into her queendom and has stellar performances like non other. Most recently she performed at Rolling Loud LA on March 5, 2023. In a predominantly male line up, Shenseea was one of a select few standout female artists to play the festival. She teaches young women not to back down. What’s more, Shenseea will be making her Coachella Debut next month.

Additionally, Shenseea earned her first GRAMMY nomination in 2022 for Album of the Year for her contributions to Kanye West’s album Donda. She made her late night TV debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live! with a performance of “Deserve It”. Her latest single “Curious” will be released this Friday!

Here at Galore we had the pleasure of interviewing Shenseea on numerous topics. From her inspirations, to her writing styles, debuting #2 on Billboard, Coachella, Rolling Loud, beauty tips, being a mom and being a woman in the industry, Shenseea does not hold back. Tune in below for the full feature interview!

Dress: Kuai Li 
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Your music spans from pop/ R&B/ dancehall, rap and more. Apart from synthesizing multiple genres, how do you feel you set yourself apart from other artists? 

I think I set myself apart by simply being authentic to my culture on the international scene, which may include me doing unique or traditional cuisines too in the kitchen along with my my attitude and vIbe I bring plus the way I look/dress 

What is your song writing process? What are some of your favorite effects to add to your voice (i.e. reverb, distortion, delay)?

My song writing process is pretty all over the place, I write sometimes without a beat while some days i need a beat, i might write a complete song today while i take months to finish a next; there’s no set process for me. I love adding a bit of reverb  on my voice 

Your debut Album, Alpha, debuted at #2 on Billboard’s Reggae Album chart. Alpha is filled with songs of female empowerment in the many meanings of the word. What was it like working with Megan Thee Stallion on the song “Lick”?

It was pretty easy working with Megan, I love her energy because its identical to mine, strong, bossy, no jealousy vybe, workaholic and truly just all about her business

You will be making your Coachella Debut next month, what songs are you most excited to perform?

I’m most excited to perform my newest Single, Curious. 

How is it being an artist and juggling raising your son; does it ever become overwhelming ?

It’s pretty cool to me, I think the only time it gets overwhelming is when I have to be away for 2 weeks for work, thats the longest I can stay away from him while being level headed, anything after that I start going crazy and have to head home immediately 

Who were your musical influences growing up? If you had to choose your top three musicians who have guided you down your current path, who would those three people be?

My top 3 people would be Michael Jackson, Rihanna and Nicki Minaj 

Making, releasing and performing music in often male dominated spaces (e.g. Rolling Loud performance), do you feel like women have to do more to prove themselves?

Yes women have to almost do the most to prove themselves but hey, if thats what we gotta do we just gotta get the job done until it starts getting easier. In everything we do the work just have to put in, thats how I look at it. The more u put in the more greater the result will be. 

How is your creativity disrupting culture and pushing boundaries?

By infusing genres its quite disturbing to my core culture but it’s also whats making me cross borders so I’m ok with that. 

What is your beauty routine? 

Making sure I wash off and clean my face after having make up on. I do a thorough clean and drink water, also do a scrub once in a while. 

Dress: Bent Kahina

What wellness practices allow you to stay balanced?

 Going to the gym and if i’m too busy for the gym I just eat clean. 

What perfume makes you feel like an empowered boss bitch?

 I really like the Louis Vuitton scents because they’re not too strong or toooo sweet but it makes me smell rich nevertheless, Bond is cool too. 

What defines your fashion sense?

I love to wear fits that compliment my body, love fits that makes people STARE, I’m not afraid to put on the most extra fits. I also love weird fashion because I love to be different 

Favorite fashion trends?

I’m loving the big red boots at the moment lol I love crazy shoes 

What are some beauty tips for your fans?

I would say use cetaphil cream, its my fav moisturizer. It will leave u hydrated for the entire day. 

What can listeners expect from you  in the near future?


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