There’s Some Shady Stuff Going On With Ivanka’s Shoe Company

While the rest of the world was gagging over Donald’s “covfefe” typo, some shady stuff was going on with Ivanka’s shoe factories in China.

As of Tuesday, one undercover activist investigating working conditions at two Chinese factories which make shoes for Ivanka Trump’s brand was detained by the police. Two other activists have been missing since Saturday.

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On Tuesday, Deng Guilian, who’s married to the activist who was detained, was notified by the Chinese police that her husband was being accused of “illegal surveillance,” according to the Associated Press.

The police neglected to give her any additional details besides the fact that “she would not be able to see, speak with or receive money from her husband, the family’s breadwinner.”

All three activists were working for China Labor Watch, a NYC-based nonprofit which according to the New York Times was planning on publishing a report accusing the factories of “low pay, excessive overtime and the possible misuse of student interns.”

Li Qiang, director of the organization, told the Times he lost contact with the other two activists on Saturday, which suggests they’re also being detained somewhere.

Li also told the Times this is the first time any of his employees has ever gotten detained in a criminal case, despite the fact that China Labor Watch has investigated much bigger companies than Ivanka Trump’s like Apple and Samsung.

This is sketch because it’s possible the Chinese government might be cracking down on these particular activists because they want to maintain a good relationship with the Trump family. So far neither Ivanka Trump, Ivanka Trump’s brand nor the Chinese government has offered an official statement.

But by all means, get back to laughing over how funny Donald Trump is.

[H/T New York Times]

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