Tiffany Trump Has the Perfect Instagram Boyfriend

There are a lot of people out there who think we need to feel bad for Tiffany Trump for being the daughter her father’s more or less ignored, but those clowns don’t know what they’re talking about.

Tiffany Trump is fine.

She’s been a petty queen meme, she’s headed off to Georgetown Law school, and she has the perfect Instagram boyfriend.

His name is allegedly Ross Mechanic, and while his name is enough to make you LOL, he’s textbook definition goals.

What makes a perfect Instagram boyfriend, you might ask?

Glad you asked. Read on and find out.

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He’s obsessed with her

One of Galore’s favorite requirements for boyfriends is that they have to be obsessed with you. Not so obsessed with you that they’re low key stalking you and don’t have a life of their own, but obsessed enough where their eyes light up whenever you’re around and they genuinely like doing stuff for you.

While I don’t know Tiffany Trump’s boyfriend personally, he really seems like he’s obsessed with her.

Since they started dating, or at least since they went Insta official, pretty much every other photo Ross posts on his Instagram is with Tiffany. Seriously, if you check out his feed you’ll see there’s at least one picture on every line that’s of him and Tiffany. Sometimes more.

No matter how much her father drags their family name through the mud, Tiffany’s boo wants the world to know he’s not remotely ashamed of dating her. Just obsessed.

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He doesn’t post photos with other girls

Just because you start dating a guy doesn’t mean all his female friends have to make like your savings account after college and vanish, but let’s be real, you’d probably rather they fade into the background.

Especially on Instagram where it’s all about appearances.

Before Tiffany and Ross started dating, like most straight single dudes who want to stunt on the gram, he routinely posted pics with all his hot female friends.

Finally back

A post shared by Ross Mechanic (@rossmechanic) on

A post shared by Ross Mechanic (@rossmechanic) on

@jacobperricone #thehomies

A post shared by Ross Mechanic (@rossmechanic) on

But as soon as he started dating Tiffany, he nipped that habit in the bud. He hasn’t even posted a picture with his mom – Tiffany is literally the only female presence allowed.

Now that’s loyalty.

He always wears boring neutral things so her outfit can pop

Tiffany Trump’s style skews conservative, but that’s okay because her boyfriend isn’t a flashy dresser either.

Whether or not he has more interesting clothes hanging up in his closet, whenever they’re photographed together, he’s always wearing something basic enough to let whatever she’s wearing be the focal point.

A post shared by Ross Mechanic (@rossmechanic) on

A post shared by Ross Mechanic (@rossmechanic) on

He never loses sight of who the famous person in the photo is supposed to be, and we’re sure Tiffany def appreciates it.

He def lets her Facetune his photos

Boyfriends and girlfriends have different tastes when it comes to posting pictures together. For instance, you might recoil in horror once you realize your boyfriend didn’t notice your eyes were half-closed before he hit the post button because he was too busy staring at how big your boobs looked.

But Tiffany’s boyfriend is so sensitive to her needs we wouldn’t be surprised if he lets her weigh in on every photo he posts of the two of them — even letting her make a quick round of Facetune edits.

We’re not trying to be shady here, because let’s be real, even if we haven’t been that girl, we’ve wanted to be that girl, but just look at how smooth Tiffany’s face is here compared to her boyfriend’s.


A post shared by Ross Mechanic (@rossmechanic) on

If this isn’t one of the most 2017 examples of what true love looks like, then I don’t know what is.

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