Send all your hot flag bikini pics to Jared Leto

Let’s not waste all those selfies and cute video footage you took last weekend in your thot-trotty outfit you spent all that time putting together for all the lit Fourth Of July BBQ’s. Instead, why not be all patriotic and show what America means to you and like, send some of them to Jared Leto?

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I don’t need to tell you how shitty things are going politically — that’s like talking about the weather. But instead of sitting around and trying to ignoring your friends’ annoying ass political posts on social media, you can maybe help film a piece of a larger project with Jared and his band 30 Seconds to Mars, that will show the realness of America — you know, instead of the BS on the news.

Jared sent out a letter, asking to see “America through your eyes.”

Here is an excerpt from the hottie himself:

To our friends and family across the nation.

This Tuesday, the 4th of July, we are filming a massive portrait of America, capturing a single
day in the life of this beautiful country in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.
It’s an incredible opportunity to document the USA during a very important time in our country.
And we need your help.

We are asking you to film what’s important, impactful, challenging or inspiring to you.
It can be a single shot, a person, an entire event, or a compelling story – we want to see
your America in all its imperfect glory. When shooting, please try to be as brave, bold and creative as possible. The most compelling footage will be what makes it into the final portrait.

Our goal is to create this portrait based on footage captured on a single day – July 4th, 2017 –
but if there are events that transpire or images we feel we need to tell our story, we will include

Read his full letter here. 

The band started accepting submissions until midnight on July 4th. So get to it and film something totally awesome and send it over to bb Jared — maybe you’ll get to see yourself on the big screen in your red, white and blue totally adorbs bikini top!

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