Selena Gomez Is Now Wearing The Weeknd’s F*ckboy Clothes on Insta

One of the unspoken rules of being somebody’s steady girlfriend is that you get to wear any article of their clothing whenever you want because let’s be real, it looks cuter on you anyway.

And now that Selena Gomez has finally gotten past the kissing behind dumpsters and taking your love on a European tour phase of her relationship with The Weeknd, she’s finally ready to take advantage of the #1 girlfriend privilege.

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Recently Selena posted a poorly-lit photo on Instagram of her and two of her biggest songwriters chilling in the studio. In the photo, Selena is clearly wearing a red hoodie, which would have seemed so unremarkable had The Weeknd not commented “sweater” on the photo.

Stole this from @selenaupdates24 😍😭 #abelena

A post shared by Abelena Updates✨ (@abelena.newz) on

Ignoring the fact that this article of clothing isn’t a sweater at all, but a sweatshirt, this comment is remarkable for one reason and one reason only.

It’s not Selena’s sweatshirt.

It’s the Weekend’s.

And it’s not just any “sweater,” it’s his Supreme x Champion Sports “sweater.”

So either Selena grabbed it on her way out the door one day because it looked cozy, or maybe she just wanted to take away one of her boyfriend’s most flagrantly fuckboy-esque articles of clothing.

Either way, looks like things are getting comfortable af between these two.

Mastle tov, Abelena.

[H/T Elite Daily]

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