See Right Through Your Feelings in “Transparent”

Nea, also known as Anna Linnea Södahl, is known for her incredible storytelling and groundbreaking music. With a successful career as one of Sweden’s most prolific pop songwriters, she has written hits for renowned artists such as Zara Larsson, Tinie Tempah, Tove Styrke, and Axwell. However, Nea’s personal story remained untold. That all changed in 2019 when Nea bravely stepped out on her own and began her solo career by sharing her story through the release of her debut single “Some Say.” This captivating anthem explores the depths of unrequited love and later became the title track of her 2020 EP. Her song “Some Say” and its Felix Jaehn remix quickly gained popularity, becoming the ninth most-played song on European radio in 2019. The track topped charts in over 20 countries and amassed nearly a billion streams across all digital service platforms. 

When I write for other artists, I am always searching for their story,” she says. “Here, I had to ask myself the same questions: What is my story, what do I want to say?” Nea about her debut album.

Now, Nea is ready to unveil her highly anticipated full-length album, “Transparent.” Consisting of nine unique songs, this album showcases Nea’s unwavering dedication to speaking from the depths of her soul. Collaborating with producer Daniel Ledinsky (known for his work with Carly Rae Jepsen, The Vaccines, and Tove Lo), Nea has crafted a sonic world that seamlessly blends elements of pop, rock, and even a touch of folk music. “Transparent” invites listeners into Nea’s personal journey, allowing them to experience her emotions and stories firsthand. Each song offers a glimpse into her world, capturing moments of vulnerability, strength, and self-discovery. With her powerful voice and evocative songwriting, Nea leaves an indelible impression. A recurring theme in “Transparent” is the tension between relationships and Nea’s devotion to her career. 

It’s not easy for people to understand my lifestyle, especially if they don’t have the same passion for something,” Nea says, noting that her passion for music is her own romantic relationship. Let’s take a look at each song on the album and hear what Nea has prepared for us. 


Chosen Family” is a great introduction to the album. We’re perfectly introduced to Nea’s incredible sound. With her mellow voice and playful but strong lyrics, we are up for a strong start. “Sweet Crash” is the album highlight, which features a duet with British singer Declan J. Donovan. Nea describes it as a representation of two individuals coming together in an intensely passionate and romantic manner, creating a perfect collision of emotions. Both artists bring their A-game for this song and it shows in the result, incredible all around. Next one is my favorite. “Imagine” is a beautiful track that perfectly encapsulates what it feels like to waste your love on someone who doesn’t love you back. I personally feel very identified by her lyrics so this one touches me in all the right places. We take a different turn with “Losing A Friend,” we are in the realm of acoustic. A bittersweet ballad to accompany us on this day. It is a song about the pain of saying goodbye to someone you care about, a reminder that no matter how hard you try, sometimes it’s just not enough. 

I’ve written hundreds, maybe thousands, of songs about romantic love, but when I had a falling out with one of my best friends, I realized there are so many angles of love that are not spoken about as much,” Nea says. 

All capital “YES” is going to be where I put my mandatory Alanis Morrissette reference (Yes, there’s gonna be one every time I can put one in). Nea taking cues from the great Canadian musician is a win in my books. For this track, Nea expressed her fear of not living life to the fullest and acknowledges that her desire to do everything can sometimes be overwhelming. She admits to being tempted to overwork and strive for perfection, but ultimately wants to make the most of every moment she has been given. This song is truly amazing and I highly recommend giving it a listen. 

There are many songs on this album that are too personal to ever give away to another artist,” Nea says “I wanted to write this song and lyrics in a way that it feels happy and carefree if you just hear the production and melodies, but if you listen closely to the words there’s another layer to it,” explains about “Take It As a Man”

“Take It As a Man” might be the most important song on the album. Reflecting on very touching subjects, Nea has created a powerful anthem full of emotions. Indeed, it’s difficult to imagine “Take it as a Man” belonging to anyone else. This deeply personal track delves into the topic of abuse and poses thought-provoking questions like “If nobody sees what’s going on / I wonder did it even happen?” Despite the heavy subject matter, Nea opts to convey her pain through infectious pop melodies. This track stands out on the record as being solely written by Nea herself, highlighting the urgency behind her decision to share her own stories. “A Lover Like Me” is a different spin from what we have heard so far. This one feels like a strange amalgamation of Gwen Stefani and Beyonce. Nea has a knack for delivering very different experiences on the same album, not something many artists can achieve. 

“Daniel and I wrote [A Lover Like Me] very quickly based around the concept of being unsatisfied with the selection of lovers out there—why can’t they behave the way I do,” Nea explains. “We wanted to push that idea as far as we could.

Cold Turkey” playfully exaggerates feelings of romantic jealousy. It’s a deliriously upbeat show where she indulges her inner drama queen. We are at the finish line and are greeted with an explosion of sounds in “Dance With Myself,” our last tune is a culmination of everything we have listened to so far. The song is a reminder of Nea’s ability to combine different genres and make them her own. It’s a powerful, uplifting track that closes the album on a high note.”Transparent” represents a significant milestone in Nea’s career, solidifying her position as an artist with a distinct voice and a compelling story to tell. With her unique style, Nea continues to prove her remarkable talent and authenticity. I personally can’t wait to see what she delivers next!

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