It’s simple: Meme-maker, Sebastian Tribbie, wants to make people laugh

Sebastian Tribbie, aka You’ve Got No Male, is a professional meme-maker (yes, you heard us right) who lives in New York City. 

Sebastian’s goal is to make you laugh, and he’s very good at it. He is also a pro when it comes to nightlife and knowing how to party. All in all, Sebastian is a real good time – even Gucci agrees!

We sat down with Sebastian at The Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles to talk party do’s and don’ts, why it’s important to at least laugh for 15 seconds a day, and why he is blocked by over 900 people (including some of you favorite celebs)!

Check it out below.

How did you first get started making memes?

I worked in comedy before I did memes full time. I always had a good repertoire of what humor was. I just want to make people laugh.

I saw my father die right in front me when I was 10. I had depression, my mom had depression, all my friends have had depression. If I can make someone laugh for 15 seconds a day and take away from their shitty ass day, week, year, or hour, that’s all I care about.

That’s why I’m defensive. I do not get along with social justice warriors. I’m like, take a fucking joke or unfollow me. It’s so simple – you don’t have to look at my page. I just want to make people laugh, its very simple.

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When did you realize you could actually have a career out of making memes?

I was private forever because I had a crazy ex-boyfriend. Since I was private, people wouldn’t be able to tag friends in my memes. I said if I hit 1000 followers being private, I’ll go public, and it just skyrocketed. I did a lot of memes for Gucci.

I made them a custom starter pack and they were so easy to work with. I’ve worked with people in many industries including beverage, liquor, fashion, music, and tech. Everyday when I wake up, I think, “Hmm, who wants to work with me today?”

How did you feel about the Gucci memes, some of which you created?

I loved them. I did the custom starter pack. I got to call Hari Nef, the Regina George of the trans community. She’s so powerful and everyone looks up to her. It was really fun and really easy. I like when it’s easy, because this one musician I once worked for was hell on earth. Indie Rock musicians – you think they’re chill and laid back, but they’re even worse.

If you weren’t making memes what do you think you’d be doing as a career?

I never thought about that, because I’ve done it for so long now. Maybe a writer – I think outside the box. Maybe marketing or advertising – that’s why I hate meme pages that don’t make their own material. I make 14 different types of memes a day sometimes.

Do you get into fights with other meme accounts?

The reason I had to watermark my stuff was because The Fat Jewish took my stuff and gave credit to someone else. If you have a meme account and you don’t make your own memes, you’re like Melanie Trump. It’s crazy to me.

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You have no filter when it comes to your work and you’re never afraid to call out anyone out on some bullshit. Have you ever gotten into some Instagram beef over memes you have made?

Oh my gosh, where shall we start? Lena Dunham blocked me – she was the first celebrity to block me. She was in a mermaid suit on the sand, and I said, “when you let a beached whale die.” Before she blocked me, she wrote a three paragraph essay saying “you’re smarter than this, and this is a cheap joke.” I was like, are you kidding me? For all the people to come after me, you? Like no.

Jonathan Cheban and I do not get along. I’ve made so many memes of him. I get so many stories from followers – he’ll send a crazy message to you and then he’ll block you. He wants to be like “you’re a rat face” to everyone from a 12-year-old to a 50-year-old mother of three from Florida. I really want to put out a book and call it, “Jonathan Cheban Blocked Me,” and it’ll be just all the messages. It’ll be a perfect Urban Outfitters book you pick up at the counter.

Ashanti blocked me a few weeks ago. I didn’t know she was relevant.

Taylor Swift – that’s a given. I think Kylie has blocked me. Sometimes they unblock me and block me. I’m blocked by 972 people, but it’s crazy, because I’m not blocked by Anna Kendrick. She is the one I go after the hardest. I think it’s because she’s so desperate to be funny and cool that she wants to be in on the joke.

In your opinion, what’s the best meme you’ve ever made?

It was this woman – I found this photo of her with thigh high boots. Well, you think they’re thigh high boots, but they’re actually two pairs of Calvin Klein jean shorts. They’re not functioning. She just did it for the photo. I said, “When you’re broke as fuck but you want thigh high boots.” Everyone went crazy.

So, you tend to be a lot of people’s spirit animals when it comes to partying, what are your best tips for doing it right?

Never go somewhere with a lot of people. Nightlife is a very tight door, and it’s all about ratio. We were on overheard NY the other day for my party. This yappy girl was coming through and said, “I work at Sotheby’s.” She thought that’s how she’d get in and my doorman goes Applebee’s? I laughed so hard I fell to the ground.

Don’t think you’re entitled and know what you’re getting yourself into. I hate going to NY parties where it makes me question where I am. At least it is not LA. We didn’t drive 45 minutes. We just take a 10 minute Uber and have fun. Enjoy the music. Partying shouldn’t be complicated.

What’s your favorite cocktail?

I only drink a Casamigos margarita with salt.

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Day ragger or after hours?

Day drinking is where you get in trouble. I pass out at 9 and miss appointments the next day.

What’s your wildest Uber story?

Singing “Green Light” by Lorde with my friends hanging me outside by my feet. In the video, she’s hanging outside a car and going very fast.

LA nightlife or NY nightlife?

I can’t really judge this because the only place I’ve been in LA this week is Micky’s and The Abbey in West Hollywood. I hate gay bars even though I’m gay. I just like to be sprinkled in. Gays are like cats – you never know when you’re going to say something wrong to make them smack the shit out of you.

What’s the most fun that you’ve had that made you think, “Damn, I made it?”

There’s so many. My friend, Thai, throws really big parties at this amazing bar. It’s a Chinese restaurant during the day, but at night, there are no rules. You can smoke, do drugs, and there are stripper poles. We honor a different pop icon each month, and we get so fucked up behind the DJ booth.

That’s the VIP area, and it’s just 12 of our best friends. I had Rose McGowan and Mischa Barton there one night. It’s sweaty and you’re shirtless and making out with a ton of boys. It’s heaven on earth and that’s the reason we call it that.

What’s next for you?

I’m in LA this week. A few weeks ago, I recorded a documentary feature on influencers called “Public Figure,” by Red Button Film. This lawyer on set sent it to another producer and was like, “This kid has so much potential. He’s hilarious and candid. Doesn’t even try, doesn’t give a fuck.” Then they said, “We are going to fly you out to LA because we want people to meet with you.”

I got my own reality TV show called, “You’ve Got No Male.” I get to terrorize not only New York and LA, but the whole world. My nickname on set was ‘Terror.’ I think I’m laid back, since I’m from Ohio. I’m so loyal to my friends. If you try and come for my friends and I, I will put you on life support in a hospital waiting room with a nuclear bomb attached at your bedside table with receipts. I’m a double Gemini with Aquarius rising.

Photos by Jacqueline Kulla

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